4 kitchens, 4 colors Which one are you going to choose?

A good decoration and organization of the kitchen can make it your favorite space where you can cook together, eat with your family and prepare delicious dishes.

Why not introduce a note of color in the kitchen?

A kitchen in pastel blue: rustic

kitchen with sky blue furniture


The pastel blue applied to furniture and walls manages to unify the complete kitchen.

In this environment with a rustic air, the blue finish in the warehouse and sink area fits perfectly. What do we combine it with? The power and clarity of blue here is enhanced by white accents here and there. The warm note is provided by the countertop and the various natural wood accessories.
Decorate with the kitchenware. If you have a tableware that you are proud of, show it off at all hours with an open warehouse cabinet. It will be part of the decoration.
If you want to put a rug in the kitchen, try to make it washable cotton or vinyl.

A kitchen in dusty pink: feminine

kitchen with pink furniture


This light pink painted wooden kitchen is warm and bright at the same time; combined with a white countertop, the effect is very pleasant.

If you declare yourself messy, and a lot of honor, yours are kitchens equipped with front doors and drawers. Thus, the appearance will always be pristine and in perfect order, indoors it will be another story.
Mix of finishes. Creating a certain dynamism around wooden furniture is possible with a white countertop and, as in this case, touches of gold. Details count. Choosing plants as complements and accessories in harmonic tones is a success. The window sill is ideal for a decorative still life with books and plants.

A kitchen in anthracite gray: industrial

kitchen with black furniture

IB Laursen

In a kitchen like this, by IB Laursen, where black and white prevail, plants help to refresh the space.

Matte finishes in dark tones are a trend in kitchens, as long as we have plenty of natural light and we reserve them for a specific area, such as the work island.
Only low furniture. If space allows, it is ideal to clear the walls of large furniture, especially if the colors are dark. Some open wall shelves will be the ideal complement. Complements in natural woods, gray tones and glass, further embellish the kitchen. A gooseneck type wall lamp can be an excellent point of light focused on the worktop. Brilliant.

A kitchen in deep blue: elegant

kitchen with deep blue furniture


This kitchen was completely equipped by El Corte Inglés, with furniture laminated in intense blue.

Depending on what we combine the color with, the final style of the environment may vary. In this kitchen, almost entirely in blue, the presence of white marble and golden handles give it great elegance.
Some warm touches. In contrast to the intense blue, here we opted for a clay floor which, together with the wooden shelves, add a wonderful warm note. Good idea! And for eat… If there is space in the kitchen, having a spacious dining room will give rise to meetings with friends or cozy family meals. The good views of the sea influenced when leaving the window unclothed.

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