Do sports at home and stay in shape with a gym

January is the month of good intentions. In our wishlist it does not fail, year after year, to get in shape. There is no excuse! If you have decided to stop going to gym until the pandemic passes create your own gym at home.

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get fit ride a home gym workout yoga pilates

A bolster and a mat are enough to start doing your yoga and Pilates routines.


You just have to search a suitable space at home to the discipline you have chosen. The usual thing in these times is to have a multifunction room. For example, Pilates, yoga or weight exercises only need a corner to put down the dumbbells, have elastic bands on hand or a flexible ring. Stationary bikes or a mini elliptical are small footprint, so they’re a great option.

A mirror is very useful to correct your movements or postures.

Do not steal meters to your house. Set up a storage area, with boxes or baskets, to store the shoes, towel, rolled-up mat, weight sets or water bottle.

Inspiring moments

The training area it has to be inspiring. Make sure it is well lit and brightens the wall with an energizing paint tone – gold, mauve, peach, orange or yellow, depending on the activity you choose – although if you are looking for something simpler you can hang a poster that motivates you or a vinyl with an inspirational quote. It is important that you take into account your
progress, through a app or in a notebook, because your achievements help you progress.

get fit set up a home gym motivational decor

Find an inspiring phrase in every corner of your home, as in this interior design project by Pia Capdevila.

Jordi Casanosa

You will need a holder for the tablet or smartphone and headphones with bluetooth to hear your playlist favorite, you know that exercising to the beat of music has been shown to help delay fatigue. To measure your beats per minute, get a smart watch and make sure that during the notification training your heart rate is between 130-140 per minute and that your heart rate reaches 150-170 per minute when you tackle a cardio routine.

Consistency is a virtue when it comes to exercising.

get fit set up a home gym workout routine

After exercising, never forget a good stretch.


You have to commit to yourself to meet your expectations, But remember that it is better to walk for ten minutes a day than to do nothing. You should always do your tables at the same time, it is not so important if it is in the morning or in the afternoon, because your body will get used to that little pleasure that is the release of endorphins, those positive feelings that we need so much. Relaxation plays a key role.

Let’s do it!

A dumbbell routine helps burn fat and increases cardiovascular capacity. The muscles are toned and their resistance improves, but also the bones. In addition, it is perfect for falling asleep.

If your goal is mark abs Take a look at the following video with the most effective series.

When the goal is to lose weight you have to do a cardio routine. Get in shape in your living room with this easy routine. The mechanics are very simple: perform all the repetitions you can of each exercise for 45 seconds.

Returns elasticity to your body. When you spend a lot of time sitting, the hip flexors suffer as much as the hamstrings, so these exercises with elastic bands empower this area, in addition to helping to slim the thighs.

If the main idea is relaxAs you improve your posture, it is best to practice restorative yoga, perfect for any age. Its asanas are recommended for all levels of yoga practice.

To end, improves flexibility and rehabilitate the overexertion of your muscles with these five stretches.

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