24 kitchens in white

1 out of 24

Full of light

This bright kitchen combines white cabinets and worktop, with different wooden elements that produce the contrast. It also mixes the classic style with more modern pieces.

We love: The casseroles vintage and the plants.

Pinterest: Maria Rosa

2 out of 24

A touch of green

A modern kitchen with a certain rustic air achieved thanks to the wood and the green colour of the breakfast bar.

We love: the small geometric tiles and the wooden shelves.

Pinterest: Estefania Torrealba

3 out of 24


The colour white works perfectly in small spaces, in this kitchen we see how it brings light and a feeling of spaciousness.

We love: the plants and the sink.

Pinterest: Marianne Kopo

4 out of 24


This time the white walls and worktop are combined with grey cabinets. The mixture is elegant and very subtle.

We love: the lamp and the marble top.

Pinterest: Kirsty Munro

5 out of 24

Opened to the courtyard

Full of charm, this kitchen is bright and fresh, ideal for the spring/summer season.

We love: the glass doors leading to the courtyard.

Pinterest: Alejandra Marano

6 out of 24


A perfect kitchen for a beach house; white, open, fresh and very bright. The 3 lamps, the panel with the names of the beaches and the two wooden stools stand out.

We love: the plants and the brightness and freshness of the environment.

Pinterest: Lucia Marengo

7 out of 24


This kitchen is a pleasure to look at, they have chosen a total white very modern, only broken by some elements such as the worktop and wooden floor or the green stool.

We love: the pure lines and the welcoming freshness of this space.

Pinterest: Singular

8 out of 24


The white colour of the floors, cupboards and walls of this kitchen match the wooden worktop and ceilings. It is a country space full of charm.

We love: the ethnic-style carpet.

Pinterest: The Serendipity Happens

9 out of 24

Small and modern

This modern and practical kitchen has made good use of space. The touch is provided by the wooden ceiling with exposed beams.

We love: the cabinets and the order.

Pinterest: Josephine

10 out of 24

Black and white

This kitchen makes use of the most classic combination: white (of the walls and marble worktop) and black (of the cabinets and accessories).

We love: the contrast of the wood and the green color of the plants.

Pinterest: Georgie Rechner

11 out of 24


A white, spacious, bright and classic style kitchen. We will all agree that it is a marvel.

We love: the carpentry of the ceilings and the small dining area.

Pinterest: Dori Gomez

12 out of 24

Modern and warm

Although this kitchen is very contemporary in style, it does not lose its warmth and is equally welcoming.

We love: the cabinets and the combination of white and wood.

Pinterest: delikatessen

13 out of 24


This white kitchen has a mix interesting: it mixes modern pieces with a more traditional style. The result is obviously positive.

We love: the lamps and plants.

Pinterest: Àngela Mc

14 out of 24


A beautiful kitchen total white with pink accessories, such as kitchen utensils or lamps. The combination is very cute and is ideal with the green colour of the plants.

We love: everything.

Pinterest: florence bujan

15 out of 24


A small, open and bright kitchen. It is perfect for cosmopolitan apartments with few square meters.

We love: the U-shape, the natural light and the freshness of the total white.

Pinterest: grethel.lsg@gmail.com

16 out of 24

Field Romantic

A classic and romantic kitchen with garden views. It is a charming space that fills with light thanks to the large window and the white colour of the furniture.

We love: the views and the small dining area.

Pinterest: Marta Mahero

17 out of 24


This kitchen plays with tones and textures, combining the white of the cabinets with the marble of the walls and countertops, the wood of the floors and the black of the framing.

We love: the kitchen area and the exit to the garden.

Pinterest: OihanaOH Holland

18 out of 24

In U

A small, U-shaped kitchen with a certain rustic charm. The white cupboards and walls contrast with the wooden worktop and floors.

We love: the shelves with bowls, cups and other utensils.

Pinterest: Diana Knudsen

19 out of 24


The metro tiles, the combination of black, white and wood together with the numerous plants, give this space a certain retro air.

We love: the touch of nature.

Pinterest: Habitissimo

20 out of 24

Pure lines

A kitchen that combines contemporary style with the naturalness of wood. The mixture is exquisite and creates a captivating atmosphere.

We love: the purity and naturalness of space.

Pinterest: Guðný Arna Eggertsdóttir

21 out of 24

White and wood

A mix very natural that works always, this is a modern kitchen, open and with a lot of light.

We love: natural light and open spaces.

Pinterest: Marisa Diaz

22 out of 24


A fresh and very elegant space with a renewed classic style. It surprises the great luminosity and the beautiful lamp that stands out next to the lilacs.

We love: the big window.

Pinterest: Elvira Diaz

23 out of 24

Touch of yellow

A modern white kitchen full of light and warm touches of colour. The wooden floor matches the original coat rack, also made of wood.

We love: the yellow color of the flowers and the lemons.

Pinterest: delikatessen

24 out of 24

With a view to

A nice white kitchen with dark wood floors. Cupboards, sink and flowers on the worktop are ideal.

We love: the vental ones with a view of nature.

Pinterest: EstiloyDeco

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