Geometric patterns for your entire house

The geometric prints arrive at your home corner and room: hall, bedroom, bathroom, living room… As you will see in these novelties, the geometry of the house has everything and impregnates with a sophisticated touch what it touches. And, in addition to rooms, it also applies to specific aspects such as these:

Household: Combining different pieces of crockery gives a lot of play in the presentation of a table, because the mixture brings joy and ease. You will also find details such as salt and pepper sets, napkins, tablecloths…

Lighting: Numerous lamps have incorporated geometric figures into their design by joining multiple rods – and also flat faces – to form polyhedral lampshades with attractive volumes. Those with ceilings, combined or alone, are noteworthy for their great versatility.

Furniture and floors: The tables that have a polygonal base -and sometimes their top as well- are sculptural. The same as chairs, consoles, sideboards, floor and wall shelves… Finally, the geometries turn pavements and carpets into surfaces with more impact and interest.

grey pouf with abstract paintings

Put a touch arty. It gives the entrance an air of an art gallery with abstract paintings. Its forms and colors inspire and hypnotize. The visual cleanliness is calm and sophisticated. Works, by Formworks Studio. Console, by Habitat. Pouf, by The Dormy House. Vase Mani Otto, by Britta Herrmann, at The Conran Shop. Carpet Linear, of Niki Jones.

Mark Scott

geometrically styled pouf tapestries

The combination of several geometric prints is harmonious if they have common shades. Move to a contrast soft of upholstery to enrich the decoration. These two patterns are disparate, but are unified by their powdery look. Poufs, from The Dormy House, with designs Cracked IceFlock’s, and Cubic Bumps Concreteby Kirkby Design. Wooden board, by Ferm Living.

Mark Scott

white marble side table

The other curve of happiness: delicacy, softness and fluidity. The shapes without edges transmit those sensations that add up to well-being. It enhances a window with a subtle fall, like the one in this proposal, elegant, on a large scale. Curtains made with linens from the B collectionrera Fashionfrom Designers Guild, in Usera Usera; at 1.30 m (75 euros/m). Daybed, in Another Country. Side table, at Viaduct.

Mark Scott

wallpaper inspired by the Californian villas

Do you have a favorite figure? Well, don’t just take it on the chin. Hexagon, triangle, rhombus, circle, dot, line, tetris, 3D cubes… Their orderly and balanced repetition on a wall creates a harmonious canvas that catches the eye immediately. Sacramento flock is a preview of the new wallpaper collection MalibuGancedo, inspired by the glamorous California villas decorated with a retro look. Roll of 10 m (60.50 euros).


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light-dark headboard

There goes your nondescript bedroom. It bets to focus the protagonism on the bed. It is easy with the powerful aesthetic force of abstract geometries and their interesting game of chiaroscuro. Choose, wall or headboard? In this bedroom, we chose the second one and to nuance its intensity with bedding in powdered shades. Linen Abstract 1928, from Zoffany. Bedside table TS, from the Gubi firm. Apply Aureole, from Spark & Bell.

Mark Scott

wallpaper inspired by norman foster

Do you dream of a deluxe bathroom? Well, then take a chance on a spectacular role, with a print majestic geometry and a chromaticism full of surprises. What do you think of this bold mural? It’s called Mesh and belongs to the new collection Random ArchistThis is a creative look at the work of Norman Foster (45.90 /m2).


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