Zen shower shopping tips

If you are fascinated by oriental philosophy, and want to recreate the right atmosphere in the bathroom too, choose the zen shower. Beauty and relaxation in a single object: transform your bathroom, but do it with style. Read everything you need to know about the zen shower, shopping tips. If you can’t wait to immerse yourself in this world, feel free to read on.

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If all you want is a spa-like bathroom, you’ll have to take care of everything down to the smallest detail. From the choice of materials to that of accessories, nothing should be left to chance, without forgetting a green touch to purify the air and make the environment more welcoming. If you have any doubts about how to furnish follow our advice and keep them in mind.

Focal point of each relaxing bath stay the tub (where there is the possibility in terms of space) or the shower, in which to recreate the ideal conditions to relax. The zen shower in this gives us a valid support: how? Find out with us in the course of the article: our journey to the East begins.

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Zen shower: what it is

To begin with, let’s clarify what is meant by zen shower. If this is the first time you come across this term and you are curious to know more, let yourself be conquered by its talents. If, on the contrary, you have researched this keyword to be guided in the perfect purchase, you are in the right place.

We at Casa e Giardino have compiled a short guide for you. Let’s start by saying we’re talking about a shower head but not of any one but of one in particular characterized by precise characteristics which will make the shower an even more suggestive and beneficial experience in healthy terms. Let’s see the main features.


Zen shower: features

Its design is very attractive: the surface is studded with many small holes from which water comes out at will, and its handle holds a secret inside. There are, in fact, some mineral pearls which have more than one beneficial action for both skin and hair. We are talking about an action:

  • Antibacterial
  • filtering
  • mineralizing
  • at neutral ph.

You will certainly be thrilled: a regenerating shower in all senses. The choice of a resistant and durable material completes the whole thing.


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This shower head installs really in a short time and is compatible with any shower hose so don’t worry about choosing it. Its filter has a purifying action on water removing chlorine, bacteria and impurities from within and giving us the well-being of a spa. Everything we need after a stressful day at work.

The water comes out of our zen shower with a higher pressure than the classic shower heads giving us the feeling of being in pouring rain, can’t you find anything more natural? Lastly you have the possibility to change color to the water with the led lights. You will have a really interesting and playful color contrast for your relaxation. All without cables or batteries but only with the power of hydroelectric.


Zen shower: advantages of preferring it

At this point it is clear that the advantages of using a Zen shower are many:

  • aesthetic
  • functional
  • a water savings up to 30%.


Where to buy and how much does a zen shower cost

If you take a look on the net, there are several e-commerce companies that offer these shower heads for sale really modern. Read the reviews and make the right purchase. As with any piece of furniture, household appliance or accessory that you need to embellish your home, we cannot provide you with a single price in this regard.

There are several models and various features to include or not in your purchase of the zen shower, including quality. However, we can give you an idea of ​​what the budget is to keep on hand.

This is not an expensive expense on the contrary: you can make your own a performing Zen shower starting from € 10.00 up to a maximum of € 25 / 30.00. How about choosing yours?


Zen shower: the right accessories

Once you have established the style to give to your bathroom and focused entirely on your shower corner, preferably large, add a few more touches to complete the desired effect. You really need little else:

  • a shower curtain: in light tones and graphic prints reminiscent of the East
  • some candle with zen scents that help you relax and free your mind. How about some notes of incense or sandalwood?
  • of the plantsfinally, that they immerse you in the Zen atmosphere.


Zen shower shopping tips: photos and images

If you want to give your bathroom a zen touch, at this point you just have to furnish it in the right way. Start from the zen shower shopping tips and you can’t go wrong. The atmosphere will be what you have always wanted, even in a few square meters.

Take a last look at the gallery of images below and let yourself be inspired by several intriguing solutions also designed for your bathroom.


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