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How to clean awnings from mold and dark spots? What are the mistakes not to make? Easy DIY maintenance tips for outdoor blinds. By roller, by arms or by drop: find out how to make your awnings look new without taking them apart.


Cleaning the curtains Sunglasses not only serves to make them aesthetically beautiful, but is intended to extend its life in time, avoiding that the fabric is damaged due to mold and indelible stains.

They are enough really few tricks to keep them always in good condition, how avoid leaving them open during thunderstorms or in rainy days insistent.

In fact, water is the main enemy of our awnings. If you want to preserve them as long as possible, remember that humidity, added to the surface dust, blackens the fabric in a short time, generating the hateful mold.

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And mold, you know, yields our tents not only aesthetically unpleasant, but even more so exposed to the risk of deterioration early.

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The maintenance occasional of the curtains, therefore, it can not be absolutely neglected: here’s how to clean them effectively with the do-it-yourself without resorting to disassembly.

How to clean awnings: 5 mistakes not to make

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Before delving into the heart of this topic, let’s take a step back to try to understand what are the mistakes to be absolutely avoided, when you intend to proceed alone with the cleaning and washing of awnings. Precisely because of their location, awnings are exposed to the weather and the sun swing.

Generally the fabrics used they are treated with specific products which cover the surface layer of the curtain, in order to make them more resistant and waterproof. However, it is a temporary protection in order to extend the life of the fabric avoiding fading.

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So, if you want to extend the average life of your awnings, always remember that prevention is better than cure: here are the 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make to avoid premature deterioration of the fabric.

  1. Beware of humidity: If you forgot the curtain open during a thunderstorm, let the fabric dry naturally. Do not close the wet tent again, waiting to reopen it when the sun returns. L’humidity and there dust superficial they are the cause principal mold
  2. Never use bleach for eliminate the stains of mold: the fabric could become discolored and unsightly and indelible yellow halos would remain on it; furthermore, with bleach you permanently eliminate the waterproof layer, making the fabric less resistant to atmospheric agents
  3. before washing delete always the foliage e any insects that settle on the fabric, helping you with a broom with stiff bristles. This should be done at least once a month, even when you are not planning to wash the tent
  4. use only detergents neutral delicate, as little foaming as possible
  5. if you decide to buy specific products for washing curtains, remember always to test them on a corner hidden, waiting for the fabric to dry completely before proceeding with larger areas.

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Products and maintenance tips

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But which are the most suitable products for washing curtains Sunglasses? We advise you to bet always on natural solutions, because in addition to being effective and low cost, they also guarantee you an optimal result with little effort. Also, compared to stronger and more aggressive supermarket products, you do not run the risk of ruining the fibers of the fabric.

In particular, the allied products are baking soda and Marseille soap. The first is disinfectant and slightly abrasive, but it has the advantage of not releasing foam residues which could stain the fabric once rinsing is complete. The second one, on the other hand, it is the most natural remedy to combat stubborn stains, because cleanses thoroughly the fabric without damaging it.

As for washing, remember to clean of the curtains at least once a year, reserving this moment for the end of the summer season, shortly before arrival autumn. If you live in a area very busy and full of smog, we recommend that you proceed with a more frequent washing.

How to wash awnings without taking them apart

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For wash the awnings without taking them apart you will have to have a little patience. This is an easy process but that it takes its time, which can be more or less long depending on the size and type of the curtain.

If the curtain is particularly wide, we advise you to perform cleaning together with another person, which from above can indicate the specific points on which to act. Here’s how to do it:

  1. first of all unroll the curtain And with a broom it removes leaf residues and organic materials that have settled on the fabric. Perform the operation from top to bottom, always following the same direction, in order to effectively dust the entire surface
  2. fill a bucket full of cold water and melt inside of a few tablespoons of Marseille soap liquid or of the bicarbonate
  3. dip a brush with soft bristles in the solution and scrub gently on the surface of the curtain, insisting with greater vigor where the darkest and most difficult stains are present. Don’t forget to clean also there tent structure, to remove dust and dirt residues inside the slots
  4. in the end rinse thoroughly, helping you with the tube of the garden, or repeating the same operation with a rag soaked in water, until the complete elimination of the detergent
  5. let the awning dry in the sun for as long as necessary, waiting for it to dry completely before closing it again. In this way you will avoid the formation of mold, which could frustrate all your work.

How to clean awnings: pictures and photos

With these tips, your dirty awnings can finally be as good as new. Find out how to clean them easily and safely: browse the image gallery to review all the steps.


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