Cimici dei letti come riconoscere le punture e come intervenire 1

how to recognize the bites and how to intervene

What are bed bugs? You’ve probably heard of them but you know little about their annoying stings. Below, we provide you with a guide to addressing and recognizing the bed bug problem.

Bed bugs how to recognize bites and how to intervene 1

Bed bugs exist and they can be very annoying with their bites, sometimes even very dangerous. What is it specifically about? Below, we will explore this topic, delving into all the aspects concerning these small insects.

After all, it is a hot topic, especially when preparing to go on vacation and to change beds for a few days. Just think of the beds in holiday homes or hotels.

Bedbugs are visible to the naked eye and in addition to mattresses, they can also be found on the walls. Just like mosquitoes, their nourishment is characterized by human blood. To extract it they cause marks on the skin very similar to mosquito bites.

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If you wake up in the morning with several of these marks on your skin, but there is no trace of mosquitoes, then it could be bed bugs. In addition to learning to recognize these parasites, it is also important to fight against infestations. Let’s start dealing with the subject from the beginning, explaining what, specifically, mattress bugs are.

Bed bugs how to recognize the bites and how to intervene 2

What are bed bugs

Bed bugs how to recognize the bites and how to intervene 3

Bed bugs are very small insects, visible to the naked eye, belonging to the species Cimex lectularius. Their color is red / brown. When adult, they can reach the size of an apple seed (about 5 millimeters). Yes, because their shape is oval and flat.

A female specimen, during its life, is able to lay up to 500 eggs. Each egg measures about a millimeter and is covered with a white gelatinous substance. The bed bug reaches adult life in about 6 to 8 weeks after the eggs hatch.

They prefer to do their favorite activity in the dark. What are we talking about? To feed. These insects, in fact, they feed on human blood being, in fact, bloodsucking. For this reason, they nestle in the blanket of mattresses. They look for our skin and orient themselves in the dark thanks to the smell our skin has and the carbon dioxide we emit when we breathe.

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Their life does not exceed 9 months. They are capable of not feeding for even 100 days or more. This is encouraged by the fact that, after they have fed, they remain full for about 5 days.

As an environment they make their own, they prefer hotel rooms, hospitals, homes in general. This is because they love to stay warm at night. During the day they stay hidden and almost invisible to the human eye. In addition to mattresses, they can lurk in cracks in walls or fire alarms. It is very difficult to see them move in daylight.

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Once you have noticed their presence and have been stung, it will be necessary to proceed with their careful elimination because they are highly pests. They must be flushed out by experts who will have the task of cleaning up the entire house. Do not be afraid, however, that their bites can lead to dangerous infections.

Symptoms and causes of bed bug bites

Bed bugs how to recognize the bites and how to intervene 4

Bed bug nocturnal activity is noticeable in the morning. On our skin, indeed, they leave stings very similar to those of mosquito bites. It is about reddish bubbles with a white dot in the middle.

The bubbles are itchy and most are located close to each other. The sensation you will experience on your skin is one of great discomfort and itching. In addition, the bubbles could turn red. The resulting skin rash can last up to a couple of days.

Bed bugs sting us with a pointed shaped organ, which resembles a stiletto. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t infest dirty places. They they are also attracted to places that are meticulously cleaned, every day. They crawl to the mattresses. The main vehicle for getting around is often represented by travelers’ suitcases.

They turn out to be very resistant to insecticides even if, when DDT was still used, they had been almost definitively eradicated.

How to intervene to avoid them

Bed bugs how to recognize the bites and how to intervene 5

If the house you are in has already had a bed bug infestation, you have to do very thorough inspections periodically. You will analyze the network, the leaks, the power outlets. In case you have even the slightest suspicion, you will need to call in a professional.

Another precaution is to never buy second-hand mattresses. Also, remember that one night in a hotel infested with bugs may be enough for them to reach your home as well. For this reason, avoid carrying your suitcase into the bedroom without having sanitized it first.

Bed bugs: how to recognize the bites and how to intervene – photos and images

Now that these annoying insects and their bites have fewer secrets for you, you just have to take a look at our gallery of images, very useful to recognize them better.


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