Small living room where I put the TV: 3 brilliant ways

The apartments in the city are getting smaller and smaller and the design solutions to solve some furnishing issues are not long in coming: how to arrange the furnishings, which accessories to insert or what to give up. Today we will help you find ideas to fix your TV. Read with us the small living room where I put the TV.


Television finds its most natural place in the living room where to begin to make their way and conquer its space since the 1950s. In those years the purchases of the first TVs began – which to tell the truth not everyone could afford – and more families gathered around her.

It thus becomes the centerpiece of the room by conquering its own space: first hidden inside a cabinet with doors then placed on a cupboard or a piece of furniture designed just for her. In front of the sofa always ready to inform and entertain. A long time has passed from the cathode ray tube to the plasma but its charm has remained unchanged.

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If you too do not want to give up the beloved appliance but you have to deal with a small space: do not worry! We at Casa e Giardino are ready to offer you some useful ideas on where to place it in a small small living room. Let’s start with some tips.


We take the measurements

If you live in a studio or two-room apartment you have to be very careful about how to furnish your spaces so that not even an inch goes to waste. It is a skilful game of balance between aesthetics and functionality. And speaking of television, before choosing the model that most aesthetically appeals to us, we must do the math.

To make this viewing experience enjoyable, there must be the right distance between the TV and the viewer. How to calculate it? Multiply the screen size by 1.5 and 2.5 will jump out the minimum and maximum distance to better immerse yourself in this experience and not miss a single pixel. Everything starts, therefore, from the size of your TV.

The recommended size in a small living room is 32 inches but you can also indulge in the luxury of a larger Full HD as long as you choose the perfect position. How about reading some ideas? Let’s start with the first.

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1. Dedicate an entire wall to the TV

While modernity reduces spaces on the one hand, on the other it offers the tools to optimize them. Television changes shape, lightens and becomes thin like a painting: why not hang it? So you will reduce the clutter by adding charm to the living room and, in a small living room like yours, it represents the ideal solution to be completed with the right furniture.

Light colors and lively tones they will make the environment light and youthful, insert the right decorations to enhance the beauty of the wall and do not neglect the importance of lighting so as not to tire your eyes while watching. You could also create an accent wall where you insert your TV with the color you love or exposed bricks for an industrial chic result. Let’s move on to the next idea.

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2. Create an ad hoc shelving

If your living room is located in an attic space or in a corner of your studio apartment, there are many ideas to make this environment beautiful and comfortable without having to give up anything, not even the TV! Even in a limited space, your television screen will find a worthy location and an equipped wall is all you need.

The latter represents the ideal choice because it makes the most of the entire surface: the height with shelves, shelves and shelving that you can also have a carpenter made ad hoc and the lower part with furniture and drawers. In them you can keep remote controls in order, hide wires and place video game consoles or DVD players or decorate the environment with some knick-knacks.

The equipped wall and with it the TV will become an important piece of furniture to dress your living room with the right style.


3. Camouflage your TV with the furniture

Lastly, as in a return to the past, you can decide to limit the size of your television by incorporating it into a piece of furniture with sliding doors, folding panels or hi-tech solutions. Forget the low wooden furniture with hand-embroidered doilies placed on it and a retro-style lamp.

Make room for technology and with a single gesture make your television appear and disappear with a unique upward and downward movement.


A really interesting alternative, for those who love to always experiment with new solutions, that’s what proposes furnishings that with a swivel mechanism deceives the eye and space making your TV tick or hiding it from view. Ideal for your open space, don’t you think?


Small living room where I put the TV: photos and images

We are convinced that after reading our small living room article where I put the tv, you can’t wait to run into this room and choose the perfect location. How about doing it together?

Highlight your appliance with the right basic color palette in a small context and copy some ideas. Let yourself be inspired by some other images that we have included for you in the gallery. Browse it as well.


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