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Hallway mirrors, ideas and tips to choose the right one according to your furnishing style. Design news and useful tips to embellish the entrance with trendy decorative mirrors.


The mirror it is a valid furnishing ally in any room of the house, but at the entrance it should never be missing for two good reasons. In fact, as well as reveal itself a tool practical to take a last peek before leaving the house, is also an element functional, which helps improve the quality of light and to create effects of spatial expansion.

Really, according to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a mirror at the entrance well placed has the ability to repel outside the negative energies. So why on earth should you give up on all these benefits? In this article we reveal to you how to find the right mirror, according to your style furnishing: here are ideas and tips for choose the ideal mirror for the entrance home.

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Vertical wall mirror

The full-length vertical mirror it is the most suitable for furnishing any type of entrance. Small or large, the full-length mirror helps to stretch the wall and also works as a light amplifier. However better avoid putting it on own facing the door wall entrance: you risk blinding your guests every time you open the door to let them into the house.

If your entrance overlooks directly in the living room, choose to place the mirror on the wall next to the front door, so you can see yourself in full mirror when you are about to leave. The important thing will be to find the plus point near a source of natural light, so as to spread the brightness throughout the environment.

The choice of the frame will essentially depend on the style of your entrance. One frameless mirror it’s perfect for the minimal style, while who has tastes more classics will be able aim at wooden frames with smooth and sinuous lines. Lovers of vintage styleinstead, they’ll play it safe with an elegant silver or bronze colored frame.

Hallway mirrors: ideas for every style of furniture

Rotating mirror with hidden hanger

This idea that we are about to propose is there perfect solution for those who live in a studio apartment or in a very small apartment. Often this type of home does not include entry: the front door gives direct access to the living area.

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With a rotating mirror (wall or floor) equipped with hidden hanger you have the option to create a little disengagement without any encumbrance. The mirror is equipped with a hidden hanger structure on the back, which holds bags or coats: when you need it, simply rotate it.

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Entrance console with mirror

If the entrance gives access to a corridor leading to other rooms in the house, we suggest you opt for one practice entrance console or for a shelf, to combine with a horizontal mirror that has a length equal to the dimensions of the shelf.

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This solution is perfect for amplifying spatial perception of the environment, without however depriving oneself of useful space. By associating the decorative function of the mirror with the practical and space-saving function of the console or shelf, you can furnish your entrance ensuring order and aesthetic cleanliness with just two pieces of furniture.

As for the choice of style, here you are really spoiled for choice: classic, modern, minimal, bohemian. A console for every style! But those who want to furnish the entrance in total freedom, will be able opt for the eclectic style: to a console with a contemporary aesthetic, it combines a large mirror with a retro taste. The final effect will be quite surprising.

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Design ideas

Designer mirrors are among the most sought after models on the market, Because I am extremely customizable and adapt to any furnishing requirement.

There are really something for all tastes: give it irregular mirrors or with more sinuous shapes, up to deconstructed models and with interlocking frames. Other types provide colored mirrors alternating with traditional mirrors, ideal for adding a touch of style to the entrance. But if you are looking for one mirror with a surprising design, we suggest you opt for a model with three-dimensional effect.


Decorate the entrance with mirrors

If just one mirror is not enough for you, can opt for patchwork models that, close to each other, they reproduce particular designs to the wall. In this way you can take advantage of the available space as you wish, obtaining a unique and original design, which will certainly have a great aesthetic impact.

Could even think of fill the wall with numerous mirrors of various sizes, decorated with colorful frames of different types. The end result will be just as original, and will surely blow friends and family in awe.

Finally, we suggest that you also look at more minimal solutions, ideals for very small entrances where you do not have the possibility to insert particularly bulky furniture. In these cases, a multifunction mirror could be for you: they are available on the market wall models equipped with key-holder showcase, or vertical mirrors flanked by the practical and inevitable clothes hangers.

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Hallway mirrors: images and photos

How to choose the hall mirror that best suits your style of furniture? Take a look at this gallery of images and be inspired by the trendiest furniture solutions.


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