Recycle old doors. Ideas with recycled wood doors.

We love everything. recycling or give certain objects a second chance. The truth is that real wonders can be done with practically forgotten objects, many of which are about to be discarded, such as a door. Yeah, you can do a lot of things. In today’s article we’ll show you how to recycle old doors.

How to recycle old doors

Here are some of the things you can do with old doors, from typical tables to interesting room dividers. We hope these proposals will inspire you.

Shelves and coat racks

One old door can be used to make a shelf or a coat rack. Maybe you don’t need to use its entire surface, but as you can see in these two images, using several parts of the door allows you to make a nice corner shelf, very useful to take advantage of any corner of the house, or a coat rack that you can place in the entrance of the house. As in the other cases we are going to expose, a coat of paint is essential. Decorating the wood will allow you to give it that vintage touch that we like so much.

Foyer furniture with an old recycled door

Corner shelf with recycled door

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Recycling old doors: tables for all uses

One of the options that you see most on the Internet, and that does not stop us from liking it, is use old doors as tables. It’s very simple. A firm surface to which you add legs, whether wooden or metal, and that’s it.

As usual, many doors have frame work, so it would not be a stable surface at all. In these cases, in addition to the painting and gluing work, it would be necessary to add a cut-to-size glass to obtain a completely flat surface.

Table made with a recycled wood door

Reused table used as a coffee table

An improvised winery

We liked this whole to make a wine cellar with a door. As you’ll see, there are several options. You can use the door itself by making holes the diameter of a bottle neck. They’ll fit right in. Besides, you could also to make a bar cabinet with a door. Simply add a few shelves to place your bottles. In this case it doesn’t work so much as a winery in itself, but as a bar of drinks, but the truth is that it is very aesthetic. In addition, you can place other decorative objects on these shelves.

Warehouse made with recycled door

Bar furniture made with a recycled door

Separating environments

We have seen doors that served as bedheads, or even hung on the wall in the manner of embellishment. However, one of the options we like the most is to use the doors as room dividers. It’s possible make screens with recycled doors. At this point it is true that it will be much better if we have more than one door. Perhaps this is the main problem, to find doors of the same size, which are not excessively large. In terms of style, in these two images we see two completely different options. One option more colorful and pop and another with that vintage charm that gives delicacy to the environments.

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