Personalized shelves. Ideas to renovate furniture.

A shelf is a piece of furniture with a clear purpose, to store things. The shelves are functional, but that does not mean we have to give up design. A simple shelving system could be converted into a decorative piece of large size. In today’s article we will share ideas of custom shelves.

Personalized shelves

It is normal that we get a little tired of our furniture, especially those that have been with us for many years. That’s why today we show you some interesting ideas to make your shelf more fun. You’ll see how easy it can be renovate your furniture with some paintwallpaper and even lights. As you must know, we love everything. decorate with little money.

Line the background with wallpaper

An excellent idea is to line the bottom of our shelf with wallpaper. The good news is we’ll find a lot of different designs. The procedure is the same as for wallpapering a wall. You must separate the bottom of the shelf, glue it with the product that requires your wallpaper and glue it. The effect will be charming. A different background that won’t mind if the wall behind it is white or whatever color it is.

Personalized shelves with wallpaper

Shelf bottom lined with wallpaper

Personalized shelves with wallpaper

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Lining the background with fabric

Another interesting option is lining the bottom of a wardrobe with fabric. Here we don’t need glues or glues, although it would also be an option. The fabric can be perfectly stapled to the back of the shelf, as long as it is not too thick. An upholstery stapler could be very useful in this job.

As far as designs and colours are concerned, there is quite a bit more variety in the fabrics, and that’s what we don’t find objection to in wallpapers. Besides, they’re a lot warmer because of the fabric. However, a vinyl paper will store less dust and will be easier to clean, a detail to take into account.

Shelf bottoms lined with fabric

Paint the shelf with different colours

Another option for custom shelving is to do it with paint. We could paint it all in one color, leaving the holes in white, for example. Painting gives a lot of free rein to our imagination, because you can create from multicolored shelves, with a lot of different shades on each of their shelves, or create custom designs with drawings, if we are good at drawing, of course.

Renovate shelves with paint

Shelf painted green

Painted shelving in many colours

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