Ideas for decorating with glass bottles – Interior and exterior decoration

The glass bottles are excellent for the interior decorating. The glass is a delicate element that offers us a wide variety of options when it comes to integrating it into our rooms.

Ideas for decorating with glass bottles

So we can, for example, look for bottles of different sizes and colors; and the glass, Fortunately, it can be presented in various shades. If we get several interesting pieces of different sizes and shapes, we can make a nice collage of glass vases in which to place flowers, stones and anything else we can think of.

If we don’t find stained glass bottles but we’re determined to have such an object, no problem. Special paint is available for painting glass. All we have to do is buy it, along with brushes and other working materials, and let our imagination run wild.


These glass bottles and containers can also be transformed and take on very different uses from the original. For example, can you imagine a bottle lamp? The fact is that it is possible to do it, maybe we need some knowledge of electricity or help from an expert, but it will be worth it, because the result, as we can see, is lovely. A different lamp that will make any of our rooms shine, without a doubt.



We love the bottles or demijohns of different sizes and shapes to decorate. On more than one occasion we have discussed the use of decorative benchesA good idea would be to combine these two objects: glass bottles on wooden benches. Look at the beautiful result!



There is another way to add color to our glass bottles. The idea is to take paint, put it in our bottle until it covers all its interior and let it dry. The finish is different and the paint is much more velvety, protected by the outer layer of glass, as we saw quite a while ago in our article “.Decorate with painted bottles“.


Bottles painted with slate paint


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