Food warmer: shopping tips

If you are looking for a food warmer, here are some shopping tips. First we will see the difference between electric and non-electric ones, so as to understand which one is right for you. Finally, we will give you some useful tips to choose practical and economical models.


When it comes to food warmers, there is often a lot of confusion as with the same term it refers to multiple models.

In fact, exist the food warmer that I am simple food containers that keep it warm for a few hours, the classic lunch boxes so to speak. They come also defined as passive.

Then, there are just the food warmer capable of heating food And I’m the models electrical. These they are defined as active. In the end, there is no shortage of hybrid models capable of doing both.

To clarify and to understand which food warmer is right for you, we see first Chow the different models work. Then, we will focus on some features important to purchase.

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Electric food warmer: how it works


The electric food warmer is an active model, but possibly could be also hybrid. In both cases, these are two types that are able to heat the food contained within them.

It should be emphasized that compared to passive models they are more expensive, but surely they are a guarantee to have one’s meal always heat at the right point.

The electric food warmer works thanks to a little moped integrated that is activated when it is inserted in current.

Some models, instead, they are equipped with a battery and they are particularly convenient for travelers as there is no need to have an electrical outlet available.

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As for those who work in front of a PC, i models most recommended are those equipped with a USB cable. In this way can be inserted directly into the USB port of the own computer. These, however, Yes they can quietly connect also at the own car.

Non-electric food warmer: how to choose the best


THE non-electric models they fall into the category of passive food warmers. This means that they are only able to keep the food inside warm, but not to heat it.

In this case, is truly essential that they are of a good insulating material, capable of retaining heat as much as possible.

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Basically if they find any of two types: that in plastic tough and those in stainless steel or aluminum. Let’s see in detail the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Hard plastic food warmer


The hard plastic food warmers have the merit of being enough economical and easy to handle. In fact they are also particularly light.

They do not have however one excellent resistance. This means that over time they may deteriorate and you will need to replace them.

Steel chafing dish


The chafing dish in stainless steel è definitely the best model on the market. Resistant, excellent insulator And easy to wash. As a disadvantage, however, is a bit’ heavier and certainly also more expensive compared to plastic models.

What design to choose for the food warmer


The design it is always an important aspect to consider when buying something. As secondary as it may seem, instead also in the choice of the food warmer it plays a key role.

In this case, however, it is important for a matter of practicality. For example, considering that the food warmer has to be taken everywhere, it’s better choose a template enough compact, with lines Very clean. Furthermore, make sure always which is equipped with handles.

Much important is even the presence of one vent valve to prevent condensation from forming due to the heat of the food and one ermetic closure so that nothing comes out.

Finally, if you choose an electric model, the better make sure there is a display. It will be more convenient for you to check the battery status and also to adjust the temperature.

What is the right capacity for a food warmer


One of the most common problems is: how big should a food warmer be? In this case the answer is very subjective. In fact the capacity depends exclusively the amount of food you usually eat and that you want to take with you.

Anyway, definitely it is useful to prefer food warmers with trays divided into compartments, so as not to mix the foods. Also make sure they are removable so you can wash them more easily.

How much does a food warmer cost?


Fortunately, we can say that a food warmer does not cost too much. Indeed, i cheaper passive models will act around 10 euros.

The active or hybrid food warmers, on the other hand, they have a slightly higher price since start from 20 euros about until to climb around too to 60 euros.

In this case, however, we are talking about models of excellent quality, also equipped with accessories such as extra cables or cutlery or other utensils.

Shopping tips for the food warmer: images and photos

If you are looking for a food warmer, do not hesitate to take a look at the images in the following gallery. You will have the opportunity to observe different models and you will be able to understand which is the most suitable for you.


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