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We love the damajuanas to decorate. These glass bottles are often known by different names depending on the country. You may have heard them named as glass carafes or glass carafes. Whatever name you know them by, they are decorative pieces of great aesthetic value. Glass vases that have a very bulky part at the base, and a rather narrow neck. While it is true that the best known are those of greenish color and size rather large, it is possible to find different types of damajuanas.

Damajuanas to decorate

They are an element that can fit very well in any type of embellishmentboth interior and exterior. We cannot deny that we love that rustic touch they give to the rooms in which they are included. Here are some of them ideas to decorate with damajuanas that you’ll love.

A damsel to decorate

The damajuanas work well on their own. Just like that. Yes, it is possible to place a damajuana in any corner of the house for added value. A decorative plus, as we like to call it. Thus, it is possible to place it in a corner or on top of a chest of drawers in our bedroom.

While glass is decorative in itself, damajuanas can be the ideal container for flowers. You can opt for dry flowers, that way you don’t have to change the water every two for three.

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A vase made of a damajuana

Ideas to decorate with a damajuana

A damajuana at the kitchen table

If you have a table in the kitchen, where you eat breakfast or dinner, you can place a damajuana with a bouquet of simple dried flowers. The effect, as you can see, is charming. A piece that will bring joy to this part of the house. If you think about it, a demijohn could become an excellent alternative for decorate the kitchen with little money.

Damajuana as a vase

Decoration with a damajuana

A damajuana to decorate the kitchen

Damajuanas of different sizes

As we commented, although you normally see more large damajuanas, we can find them in different sizes. This makes it possible for us to create very interesting combinations. Better than one will be two, right? And if, in addition, combining damajuanas of different sizesyou will achieve a much more dynamic composition that you can place in any corner of the house, from a window ledge to an old piece of furniture in the living room.

Ideas to decorate with damajuanas

Damajuanas of different colors

In addition to coming in different sizes, the damajuanas can be of different colors. Yes, glass can take on different shades. You can choose to use the typical green damajuanasAlthough the truth is that mixing strong colors with some more subtle can give a more than interesting aspect to the composition. And if we’re given for combine damajuanas of different sizes and different colorsthe result will be great.

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