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Today we will return to an old and known in the world of the recycling and DIY, the Handicrafts with glass jars or glass jars. It’s just that we all use glass containers at home, whether it’s jam, mayonnaise, or whatever. If you have several of these bottles in storage and have not decided what to do with them, we will share some ideas to do at home. Ideal for the weekend. Here are some easy ideas to make candleholders with glass jars.

Glass Jar Candle Holder

We love the crafts with glass jars and everything you have that are ideas for decorate with little money. We hope you like these proposals with recycled bottles that we offer below.

Candleholders with glass jars and tissue paper

To make homemade candleholders like the ones we have here, we’ll need, in addition to glass jars and candles, tissue paper o silk paperalso known as kite paperwhite glue and a brush.

The idea is to cut out squares of different colored paper, then glue the outside of our glass jar with the pieces of paper, making a collage. We recommend passing a second coat of this vinyl glue over our paper collage. Once they’re dry, we can put a candle inside them. The result will be very interesting, as you see below.

Glass jars lined with coloured tissue paper

Candleholders with jars and tissue paper

There’s no limit to this kind of homemade project. Do you like triangles? Well, look how pretty your candleholders could look with glass jars filled with coloured triangles.

Candleholders with jars and tissue paper

Next we see another option, also with tissue paper, for which we will need to have wire. In this case, instead of making a collage with scraps of paper, we will put glue to our bottle and cover it with a single color. The idea is not to be “tidy” in this case, because the effect of the fact that it looks wrinkled is great. Then, with wire and with the help of a clip, the idea is to make a hook to hang our candle holder.

If we have time and many glass jars, we could decorate a garden for some outdoor parties or family gatherings, hanging them from different places and others also placed on the floor. Surely everyone will be amazed at our little ones. lanterns with glass jars.

Lanterns with recycled bottles and silk paper

Handicrafts with glass jars and glitter

We loved this proposal. While in the video of Innova Handicrafts that he published MetDaan DIY use a glass, it could be done perfectly with a glass jar or glass jar. What do you think of the idea? If you like handcrafts with glass jars, you’ll love this project:

Candleholders with recycled bottles and dry leaves

Another enchanting idea is to line our glass jars with dry leaves. For those who are in autumn at this time it will be very easy to find dry leaves on the sidewalks. And those who don’t, can cut some green leaves and let them dry by wrapping them in a paper napkin and placing them inside a book, for example. They should dry in a few days. The technique is the same as above, put glue on the surface and glue the sheets.

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