Crafts with cans and glass containers – Interior and exterior decoration

If you’re a lover of handicrafts and the recyclingand you have a lot of glass cans and jars at home or glass jarsyou’re in luck; and that’s because today we bring you a series of easy ideas and with really nice results. The idea is to share some crafts with cans and glass containers which I’m sure will come in handy, especially if you like this reuse thing.

Crafts with cans and glass containers

The glass containers become impromptu vases from time to time. However, if we don’t want to leave anything to improvisation, we can create a nice composition with a wooden pallet (or part of it) and anchors to hang our containers (this can be done with iron left over from some construction). The result will be great, with these things you can get a vertical garden Beautiful.

In addition, these glass jars can also be converted into terrariums. If we don’t want to fill up with dirt we can always make fake terrariums out of paper flowers. We may not have as much green, but we will get a nice decorative object for any corner, and even become an excellent idea as a souvenir.


Painting the glass containers is an excellent choice. We love this proposal, in which a heart has been drawn and we have tried not to go beyond the lines to paint it. The result is a beautiful black boat with a transparent heart-shaped hole, ideal for placing a sail. And if you like the proposal you can see more in this article where we share ideas for making candleholders with glass jars.

diy boats and cans (5)

We don’t forget about the retro decor. All those tin cans with old letters or even old bottles of traditional soft drinks, can be used as vases, but this time we will paint them inside to give a different touch. A vintage air that will give particularity to any room where you place them.

diy boats and cans (1)

diy boats and cans (3)

As for the cans, they can also be nice containers ideal for dressing with esparto or sackcloth. These are resources widely used in the decorative centers of wedding tables more vintage. This type of rustic centerpiece is also used a lot for Christmas decoration.

diy boats and cans (2)

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We can also make lanterns or Candleholders. All we have to do is get a wire handle and pierce the cans to insert decoration or some word to remind us how beautiful life is. In the darkness of the night, the candles inside these perforated cans will work their magic.

diy boats and cans (8)

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