10 spaces decorated with wooden pallets – Interior and exterior decoration

Today we return with a classic EstiloyDecoThe decoration with wooden pallets! We love the furniture and objects we can get with this material. Although there is a belief that they are only used to decorate rustic spaces, it has been proven that this is not the case, these pallets adapt to any style.

10 spaces decorated with wooden pallets

One of the spaces where this furniture is most used is in living rooms or livings. And that’s because the typical coffee tables made from palletsThe “Mouse Tables”, also known as “Mouse Tables”, are a classic! It’s likely that whoever has some of these platforms the first thing that comes to mind is to make one of these side tables. Another of the most widespread uses of these wooden floorboards is for seating, from individual benches to important armchairs for living rooms or outdoor spaces.

If you like furniture made with pallets or wooden planks, you will find more images and ideas in our Decoration with Pelets. We invite you to visit it:

Furniture and objects made with wooden pallets

As we have said on other occasions, the possibilities are endless, depending on the decorative style of our living room we can paint it in some color, either in pastel shades or in some bright color, or leave it in natural color, that if, with some coat of varnish or similar, especially if it is outdoor furniture.



Another piece of furniture that we can perfectly make with pallets is a larger table, such as a desk for a study corner or office. With a little ingenuity and some materials everything is possible!


Something very used are the chairs made of palletsWe’ve actually seen dozens of examples already, but we loved this idea of creating building site seating combined with pallets and some nice cushions. An excellent alternative indeed!


And for those who love recycling and want to fill their house with DIY furnitureThe pallet beds are a most economical and original option.


If you are really a handyman, or have someone at home who is, you can achieve really interesting and stylish decorative objects, such as these lamps. We really loved them!

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