7 magic ideas for decorating parties with paper – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The holidays can be the perfect time to bring out our full creative side. How? Through decoration. If you have a celebration coming up and you don’t quite know how decorate your houseHere’s a few. simple ideas on paper. Yes, with paper; and that’s because the decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

7 magical ideas for decorating parties with paper

There are many economic ideas for decorate parties with this simple material. We can make anything from paper flowers to beautiful garlands. Choose your favourite tones and get to work. Is there anything more original than a DIY decoration?

Start with something simple, stars to decorate

Simple doesn’t necessarily have to be the worst thing. The truth is that there are countless simple ideas that can look very good. For example, this garland of paper stars This time we have chosen stars of the same colour, but the truth is that you can mix them as you please. Simply attach them with a thin string after cutting them and you have your garland. If you don’t have a good pulse, opt for a star-shaped template so that they all come out the same, although you can also make them in various sizes. Freedom first and foremost…

Paper stars to decorate parties

Cactus-shaped garlands

A very original decorative option. The concept is similar to the previous one, although you can alternate different forms. In this case, you can also use white paint to mark details that make your plants more realistic. As in the previous case, you only have to drill holes in the top to create a nice decorative garland.

Paper cactus to decorate parties

Flower-shaped garlands

This is a more complicated option, but without reaching the extreme difficulty. In this case, to make simple flowers, all you have to do is choose coloured paper, cut long strips that gradually get wider. Then you have to go around a spiral wire.

Paper flower garland

Colorful outdoor garland

This option is not as complex as it seems. It’s about cutting very thin strips. Two to be exact. Why two? Well, because it’s the minimum number to braid them, as we see in the picture. After braiding them we only have to glue the ends together and open our funny garland to join them with rope.

Paper party decorations

Paper party decorations

Large flowers with tissue paper

Perhaps it is a little more complicated than all the previous ones, but the truth is that the result is spectacular. Take a good look at the picture. The idea is to choose two different colours, one for the centre and one for the petals. Cut them in a jagged shape, as shown in the picture, and put the dark part on top of the lighter part. After winding both parts together, you must tie the central part with a thread or string. Then you just have to open the different leaves to get your flower ready.

Paper party flowers

Die-cut garlands

The garlands can also be die-cut. It’s simple, before making them you must use that decorative die on the ends. Once you put the parts of your garland together, the die-cut part will be on the outside. In this case we see that instead of a garland we have chosen to leave this small paper flower individually, something that can also be very interesting, hanging a set of various sizes and colors.

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