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After so many years of existence, in EstiloyDeco we can assure you that if there is one topic that interests most of our readers it is anything tips for decorating with little money. That’s right, and that’s why every now and then we publish some articles with photos of low-cost furniture and decorative objects that you can make yourself and without spending a lot of money. That’s why we thought we’d offer you more ideas for decorating with little moneyand we hope they come in handy.

More ideas for decorating with little money

In recent years the low-cost decoration has become more prominent, firstly because of the simple, and more than understandable, purpose of save moneybut that is not the only reason why the low-cost furniture are invading homes, as it turns out that the artisanal or “homemade” has become a trend lately. And this is demonstrated by the latest collections of many brands that manufacture furniture with a DIY feel (self-made).

Cement blocks for decoration

This is a resource that we recently discussed in an article where we offered quite a few ideas for decorate with cement blocks. They’re very easy to get, economic and they get along very well with wood. That’s why we love to make benches with wooden slats, ideal for decorating exteriors. It can be said that these concrete blocks, today, even in large supermarket chains.

Bench with cement blocks

Maybe the hardest part is getting the wooden boards. Surely we will be forced to go to some sawmill, but as you can see in the pictures, the result is very interesting and we believe that it is worth, at least, taking into account this kind of DIY furniture.

Outdoor furniture with cement blocks

Bench with cement blocks and wood strips

Wooden boxes for decoration

Fruit crates or wooden crates (or similar) are ideal for decoration. With them we can make shelves, side tables and even trunks. We loved this idea of a kind of functional furnitureThe first is a small table, where with a simple wooden box they have made an auxiliary table that also serves as storage, as if it were a trunk.

Find more ideas in “Decorate with wooden boxes“.

Side table with wooden box

We must say that these wooden boxes, nowadays, we can get them for sale. Of course, if we find them out there, in print, it will be much cheaper, but there is also the possibility of buying them in some decoration shops.

Storage space with wooden box

Decorate with pallets or wooden pallets

When we talk about low-cost decoration it’s impossible not to talk about the furniture made of pallets. One of the most popular pieces of furniture with these wooden platforms are the armchairs, and there must be a reason for this, as they are very attractive, both for interiors and exteriors. But they are also very interesting for making tables, desks and even, why not, a chest of drawers for the bedroom (of course, for this type of furniture you need to have certain knowledge or buy them made).

Armchairs with wooden floorboards

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