We give you 5 creative ideas for Christmas that you can make yourself with the help of your children. A deco DiY and very beautiful.

It’s a good time to get down to business with these 5 creative ideas for Christmas. On these special dates the themed decor takes on great prominence. We present some proposals that you can buy, but, if you dare, take them as an example and make your own personalized version.

5 creative ideas for Christmas “handmade”

If you are a person who likes crafts, during the next holidays you will be able to put into practice all those skills that you never have time to develop as you would like. Forever everything the artisan has had an added value. DIY gifts and decorations offer a special charm and are a good way to spend great time with your children. Surely with the 5 creative ideas for Christmas that we propose you will enjoy the beautiful hand-in-hand with them and surprise your family and friends.

1. Christmas to congratulate the holidays

creative ideas for Christmas
Source: Plant a Bloomer

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Look what a nice Christmas postcard. This card has a cut out fir tree and is perforated with holes for you or your children to complete. You only need one needle and a string of twine or thick wool to “embroider” the branches of the tree and give it life.

creative ideas for Christmas
Source: Plant a Bloomer

A creative idea for Christmas with which to congratulate all your loved ones. The lattice lets in light and this makes the christmas postcard shine, when you place it next to a lamp or candle (be careful not to bring it closer than necessary) creating a magical festive effect. It is a proposal of Plant a Bloomer of the most original and different.

2. Gift tags in watercolor

creative ideas for Christmas
Source: And so to shop

To personalize the gifts, nothing better than adding some stylish labels … and if they are made by you, honey on flakes. A drawing in watercolor stamped on the label It is a very personal creative idea for Christmas. You only need paintings and an inspiring motif. With a watercolor label kit and tutorial sheets to guide you through the process, you can choose from three different patterns of drawings. It is a beautiful proposal of And so to Shop to give a special touch to all your gifts.

3. Advent Calendar: a surprise every day

creative ideas for ChristmasWhat an illusion it makes the smallest of the house to open a gift every day during the month of December. We offer you two options that you can do according to your own “inventiveness” so that you can choose the one you like the most. The first Advent calendar was made with a branch from which small packets hang with a detail inside: a bauble, a chocolate coin, a mini-toy … any creative idea for Christmas is welcome. And they will love it! Look for different wrapping papers, but in the same colors, and red ribbons to hang them. Then put a sticker number on it and voila, you have your first Advent calendar.

4. Version B: with hanging bags

creative ideas for Christmas
Source: Annie Sloan

This other Advent calendar is a suggestion from the firm Annie sloan. As you can see, it couldn’t be more simple and unique. Instead of little packages sachets have been hung on this occasion. Each one carries a small present, which can be a bonus “tip”, or why not? a positive message, phrase or wish for the recipient. Beautiful creative idea for Christmas and for any other date of the year.

5. A garland of fabric for the tree, the fireplace …

creative ideas for Christmas
Source: Ginger Ray

The pennants or garlands are classics in the decoration in these parties. This garland, from the signature Ginger ray, is one of the creative ideas for Christmas that we suggest to enliven any corner of the house. Hang it on the fir tree, on the window or over the door, or directly on the wall.

If you like this ornament, it can also inspire you to make a personalized garland with scraps of fabric that you have at home in different colors and cut in various shapes, or with other ornamental elements. You dare?

The 5 creative ideas for Christmas that we have presented can be the starting point to let your imagination run wild and make surprising, fun DIY decorations, and made by you step by step!

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