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The terrace is an important outdoor space in the house, especially when the weather is good and we can enjoy it. However, it can end up being a wasted space, either due to inclement weather, small size, acoustic problems … Therefore, you have the possibility of closing the terrace and taking advantage of that space throughout the year. Before making a decision, you must take into account the advantages, disadvantages and intermediate solutions that we show you below.

Advantages of closing the terrace

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Closing the terrace or balcony has a series of advantages that you should take into account:

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Air conditioning. Installing an enclosure on the terrace will act as insulating element, since the enclosure acts as a thermal barrier. It incorporates insulating materials such as PVC and good glazing. You will be able to enjoy the terrace in autumn and during the winter months the stay will be protected from the cold and in summer you can open the windows so that the air can circulate.

Noise. When closing the terrace or balcony get reduce outside noise since the enclosure acts as an acoustic barrier. Install a thick glass with an air chamber and PVC profiles.

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Gain more space in the home. You can close a rarely used terrace or balcony and incorporate that space into the living area. If you have a large terrace, you can install a low-weight enclosure such as PVC and in this way gain an extra stay in the house.

Energy saving. The enclosure acts as a thermal barrier against inclement weather, achieving greater energy savings than you will notice on the bill.

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Security and privacy. By installing a terrace enclosure you get a increased security against possible theft, in addition to greater privacy with blinds and curtain.

Cleaning. The enclosure will prevent wind, rain, dust, and dirt from entering this space.


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Installing an enclosure on the terrace or balcony can have some drawbacks:

By closing the terrace you can accumulate more heat during the summer months.

Open space is lost. When installing the enclosure the feeling will not be the same. This space can no longer be used with outdoor activities.

Permissions. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the necessary permits from the neighboring community or the town hall.

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Cleaning. There will be carry out cleaning from time to time of the crystals so that it is in good condition.

Cost. Reform can be expensive and sometimes complicated. The cost will depend on the size, height and type of enclosure. The approximate price can be between € 2,000 or € 3,500.

Glass curtains

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There is an intermediate solution to the dilemma of closing the terrace and that is the glass curtains. A practically invisible enclosure, which protect the home and allow the passage of air.

The glass curtains can be fully opened and closed or left partially open. It is an effective way to regulate temperature and air flow.

Its maintenance is very simple. The windows can be cleaned on both sides by being able to open and close them easily.

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I know appreciates the exterior naturally, as if the terrace or balcony were open without enclosures.

As for the decoration, the glass curtains do not break the aesthetics of the room.

Save energy, since the interior temperature can be regulated and better controls the use of heating and air conditioning.

This type of glazing adds a increased home security, since the crystals are made of tempered glass and are more resistant.

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Without aluminum frames the curtains are designed to slide and fold so that the space is open or closed depending on the owner’s needs.

Their movement is very simple since they slide on rails located in the lower or upper part.

Are individual panels 10mm tempered glass with only outlining at the top and bottom. Its openness can be total.

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Another solution to close the terrace or balcony is to put glass curtains only at the top.

Types of opening for terrace enclosures

One way to make the most of the space in a home is to close the terrace to add more useful meters. The balconies incorporated into the interior of the house can be a good solution to optimize space.

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Enclosure with sliding windows. This system saves space since it does not need a hole to open as casement windows are. Large glazed panels can be created. The closure is less insulating than practicable systems.

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He practicable enclosure It is airtight but a clear gap must be left for the opening blade. The tilt and turn systems allow the space to be ventilated without having to open the leaf. It also allows several types of opening.

Closing the terrace has its advantages and disadvantages but there are also intermediate solutions to take advantage of this space throughout the year. What did you think of this topic? Are you for or against?

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