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solutions for garden lighting

The right garden lighting can make gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces more beautiful and safer. Let’s discover together the Leroy Merlin catalog on garden lighting.

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog 2

A garden, a terrace or an outdoor space becomes more beautiful and full of comfort if lit correctly. Another non-negligible element is safety: thanks to the lights, outdoor spaces become practicable more easily. To choose the right garden lighting it is necessary to opt for solutions that can resist wear, they are waterproof, but also efficient with an eye to energy saving.

Before choosing one type of lighting rather than another, some factors must be taken into account. The first element to consider is the place to place the lights: the driveway, a facade, a porch. This element, of course, takes into account the electrical attacks present. If the location where you are going to mount the lighting system is very exposed to the elements, you will have to evaluate one lamp rather than another.

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However, keep in mind that any outdoor lighting system or lamp must comply with safety standards. To identify the degree of protection is the initials IP followed by two numbers.

Also, you will have to answer another question: Will the light be used to live the environment, or will it be used to illuminate a passage? Only after having answered these questions, you can choose the solution lighting best for your garden.

On the Leroy Merlin 2021 catalog there are several solutions to make the lighting of your garden perfect. The French chain of DIY stores is present in Italy in 12 regions with over 49 outlets. Founded in France in 1923, the Leroy Merlin brand made its debut in Italy in 1996 and has established itself as a leader in the sector.

In addition to physical stores, shoppers can also shop online. The site is very rich and often provides free shipping on some sums.

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Leroy Merlin catalog: garden lighting applique for outdoor

The wall lights to hang on the external walls of the house are used to give light to a landing, a patio, but also a small terrace and a small balcony. The wall lights are able to emanate a diffused but welcoming light. If placed at the entrance of your home, they are able to increase its security.

If you place the perfect outdoor wall lights at the entrance, among the proposals of Leroy Merlin, are those with motion sensor. In practice, the light comes on only if someone approaches. Exist, then, those with twilight sensors who turn on the light only when it is needed, after sunset.

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Don’t think that lights with a sensor are very expensive. Among the proposals in the Leroy Merlin catalog we have selected the Ezy wall lamp, with integrated LED. It emits natural light. It is also perfect in humid environments. Made of plastic, its cost is € 19.90.

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog 1

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog: street lamps and lanterns

The street lamps and lanterns are the ideal solution to give light to gardens, but also to large spaces and transit areas. Street lamps and lanterns can also make access to a garage safer. The heights of street lamps and lanterns may vary.

Generally, those that do not exceed 60 centimeters they have a decorative purpose. Self at half height (120-150cm), on the other hand, they are perfect for signaling obstacles at a height (e.g. branches but also gates, balconies, etc.). Finally, there are those that exceed 180 cm in height, perfect for those with a lot of space.

We recommend the Lakko lantern of 56 centimeters, at the price of 35 euros. It resists water well (even if it derives from watering systems) and is suitable for paths and small green spaces.

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog 4

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog: solar lamps

Solar lamps are very beautiful to look at also because they exist in many variations. Generally, they are perfect in places where there are no power connections. Their operation takes place thanks to the integration within them of an integrated photovoltaic system. In practice, it collects the sun’s rays during the day (even if it is cloudy) and turns on automatically. Lamps of this type are also perfect to mark the steps or give that extra edge that your garden was missing. Furthermore, solar lamps are particularly suitable for whom is looking for an ecological solution.

Here is one of the solar lights that we have selected in Leroy Merlin’s 2021 proposals Petra. These are two solar lamps, reminiscent of stones, with iridescent colors. Their purpose is purely decorative. They are equipped with a remote control and are mainly made of plastic. The their price is around 90 euros.

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog 5

Leroy Merlin garden lighting catalog: photos and images

Have you seen how many proposals for the lighting of your garden? We hope we have helped you in choosing the right option for the space you have and for your needs. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures.


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