Creative recycling with spice racks

It is enough to have a little creativity and imagination, and all the objects we have in the house can have a new life. For example, creative recycling with spice racks allows us to create many things that are also very useful! Here is everything you can accomplish.


THE spice rack they are nothing more than jars and, like all containers, they are perfect for creative recycling. In fact, they can be exploited in many different ways.

Also, they are very useful because have of the particular shapes and sizes and therefore they turn out to be perfect for preserving all accessories and objects more little ones.

In short, once finish your spices, do not throw away their containers, Why can yet to be very useful. Just a little imagination is enough.


Use the spice racks as vases

The spice racks they have different shapes and sizes. However, they are usually not very large. Anyway can quietly to be used as vases for some small plants or flowers.

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In the first case, it will be enough clean and decorate them to your liking. Then, you have to fill them with of the ground. At this point you just have to decant there yours map.

If you want to use them as a vase for flowersinstead, you will have to fill them with water. Also in this case you can decide to embellish them, but you can also leave them as they are, your flowers will take care of making the difference.


Keep the bathroom tidy with the spice racks

THE spice racks are perfect to use too in the bathroom to keep in order all yours objects. In this case you have two options. The first is that of use them as simple containers and of support them then up some mobile.

To be more creative, however, you can also hang the spice racks on the wall. Just fix them on a special wooden board and then hook the one to the wall.


Create beautiful candles

THE spice rack, as well as almost all glass jars, they are perfect for staying there of the candles. Choose the size of the candle based on that of the your spice rack.

For example, in some cases long and narrow candles will work better, in others it will be better to opt for small round ones that can be inserted anywhere.

In this case, it is very important embellish the jar. A very simple method is to to decorate a cardboard and then glue it to the spice rack. Alternatively, you can also use a cloth of a fantasy you like.

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Making lanterns

THE spice racks are perfect also to create of the splendid lanterns hand made. Then, you can be put them in the garden, that keep them at home.

In this case you will need get some LEDs. Once the jar has been cleaned and possibly decorated, all you have to do is insert them inside. The effect will be very special.

Creative recycling with spice racks

Use the spice racks as containers for hair accessories

Especially people with long hair always have a lot pigtails and hair clips various scattered around for the bathroom. Then, every time they are needed, they are almost never found. This is because they are very often placed in drawers and between various objects get lost.

To avoid this, it should put them in special containers. The problem is that it is usually difficult to find the right size. Here, then, that i spice rack come to our rescue.

Indeed, they are perfect for storing clothespins and pigtails. Since some jars I’m very little ones, will not take up much space and you can use many different ones. For example, a practical idea is to divide your hair accessories by color.


Use the spice racks to store small items

THE spice racks are fantastic for holding all the accessories more little ones. For example, they can be a lot useful also for those who love sewing. In fact, it will surely have pins, buttons, needles, cotton and many other small items to keep.

The same is also true for DIY enthusiasts or for those who have screws and bolts at home just in case. In these cases, in fact, there is a need for small containers of different shapes. The spice racks, therefore, are perfect.

Furthermore, can be used also for storing small stationery items, such as paper clips, erasers or even small pads of paper.


Centerpiece with spice racks

In general every jar can be decorated, ed be used as an accessory for beautify home. This also applies to spice racks. Then, they can be placed on a piece of furniture, or even on the kitchen table, as if they were a small centerpiece.

If you want to opt for this solution, you have to be creative and embellish the jar inside and out. For example, inside you can to insert gods pebbles or also of the colored sand.

Then, there will be a need to beautify the exterior. In this case you can indulge yourself as you wish. Used fabric, colored cards and any other accessory you have available in home.


Creative recycling with spice racks: images and photos

Spice racks can be recycled in so many creative ways. Take a look at the following gallery to find out what you can make with empty spice racks!


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