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I fell in love with this sapling from the moment I saw him. It transmits a special warmth… the super-scented orange peels next to the star anise provide an exquisite aroma and the jute yarnthe right rusticity to make it look beautiful.

As I always tell you, it is very easy to make, has few materials and is highly decorative. It can be used at any time of the year, although it has a conical shape, it is associated with the Christmasbut for the colors and materials used, it is an excellent decoration for a rustic and modern environment.

And yes… it can be placed in the Christmas table as centerpieceor forming groups of three in different sizes, combining one with orange peels and another with anise, or all three equal. I think it’s a great option!

Another idea that comes to my mind right now is to replace orange peels with lemon peels, and turn them into table centerpieces for First Communion… and I don’t keep thinking because I’m not done anymore! I’d better tell you how the tree is made so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.


  • Cardboard
  • Silicone glue (it can be cold or hot, if you use hot you need the glue gun)
  • Wire
  • Orange peels
  • Cookies moulds
  • Star anise


  • Cut the orange peels with the cookie cutter you have chosen, in this case are stars.
  • With the cardboard make a cone of the desired size. Whether it’s fatter or taller will depend on your taste. There’s no exact measure.
  • Start lining the cardboard cone with the jute thread starting at the bottom, gluing the tip of the thread to the base of the cone so that it does not come off. Roll up the thread, joining one turn with the other.

  • Before reaching the top of the cone with the thread, place about 15 cm of wire, fix it to the cone with silicone and bend it. Cover it with thread, first several turns in place to make the cone diameter continue, and sharpen it toward the tip.
  • Finally, glue the orange peel stars and star anise.

TIP: This tree can be made in the form of a topiary with a sphere of telgopor for example, to give another effect. What you have to keep in mind is to glue the jute thread from time to time so that it doesn’t slide through the sphere. In that case you combine it with a piece of branch to make the trunk and a pot of mud.

I hope you liked it as much as I did and that you do it to perfume the rooms or to give away… Until next time! ♥


Decor Scan Editors Team

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