How to make salt mass footprints

How to make salt mass footprints

There is nothing nicer than capturing the growth of our children in objects that we will have all our lives, keep the teeth as they lose them, even if they think they are treasured by the Perez mouse … keep a lock of hair, a curl of his first cut … And why not a print … Yes, one the footprints of their little feet or your tender little hands…It is an excellent idea to give to the grandparents for example, or simply to make a square and to show it in their room, another option that occurs to me at this moment would be to make souvenirs of baptism or first year… what do you think?

This mass of salt to make footprints is very easy and quick to do, so you can involve the older siblings…


  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup warm water or a little more if needed
  • acrylic paint of the desired colour


  • First place the salt in a bowl and add the warm water. Stir until most of the crystals are dissolved. This will make the dough smoother.
  • Add the flour and mix well. If the dough becomes sticky, add flour. And if it’s too hard, add water in small amounts.
  • Knead well until smooth and smooth.

How to make the footprint in the mass

  • Stretch the lump to fit the baby’s foot or hand. Place on a baking sheet sprinkled with flour.
  • Place the foot or hand on the dough and gently press the heel and each toes so that they are well marked. It is very important to do it inside the tray, so as not to manipulate the dough and lose the shape of the print.
  • Then trim the excess dough. In this step you can use your imagination and make the shape you like, circular, rectangular, heart-shaped, etc … What you must remember is to make a hole in the top if the idea is to hang it as a square.


  • The fingerprints are ready to cook. The oven must be turned on when placing the tray with the dough. Place it at the lowest possible temperature, approximately 100º C. If your oven gets too hot, leave the door ajar to lower the temperature, because if it goes too high, the dough will inflate and the footprint will be lost.
  • Check at times that the temperature remains stable and turn the fingerprints to dry on both sides.

Outdoor drying

  • Another drying option is outdoors, you should choose a day free of moisture. This step may take one to two days depending on weather conditions and the thickness of the dough.


  • Once the dough is completely dry, you can give it the finish you like, in this case, they were painted pink. Allow to dry well after painting.

The salt mass footprints are already finished and ready to give you the utility you want, it’s a beautiful idea! See you next time!

Source: https://espanol.babycenter

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