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Today I want to share this beautiful box shaped like a carrot to give away in Easter or in a rabbit themed partyis very funny and original. Kids are going to love getting candy this way! The box is printed on sheets of a4 size and is very easy to assemble.

The template of this Carrot Box can be purchased in my Online Shop Printable Cards. Once you receive the email with the download link, save it on your computer and print it on A4 sheets. You can do whatever you want, there is no limit of impressions!

In the meantime, I’ll show you how to put the box together step by step. You are going to need some basic elements for assembly such as the box templatescissors, double-sided tape or glue on a stick, ruler, and some object to mark the lines.

  • First of all, print the box template on thick paper, I print on 200gr paper and it looks perfect.
  • Cut out the contour of the box, the leaves or stem and the circle.
  • To mark the folding lines with an object that does not cut but that has point, I use the small eyelet of a Japanese scissors, of those folding of the school. Fold each line.

  • To close the box, place double-sided tape on the side and glue.

  • Then cut along the transverse lines of the top fins as shown in the image.

  • To assemble the carrot leaves, place biface tape on the back at stem height. Glue to the fin with the mark of a lighter triangle as shown below.

  • This is the moment to place in the box the sweets or surprises that you are going to give. Then close the box by inserting the fin that has no leaves between the small fins we cut earlier. And then close the other flap that has the leaves. These sheets will act as handles to open the box when necessary.

  • Then make a hole with a hole punch or scissors in the circle and one in the blades of the box. Thread the circle with a ribbon making a loop and insert into the hole of the sheets of the box, and tie.

And this way the box is finished, ready to give away at this Easter. I hope you liked it!

You can buy the carrot box. HERE along with other decorations that are part of the theme of Easter Rabbits that I made so fondly for this special date. I invite you to see some images.

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