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Hello! Today I don’t bring any tutorial no recipe, today I write to tell you and show you a little bit of my world, what I like, what is passionate … Surely you will have your hobbies or hobbies to whom you dedicate time and love… The cactus they are one of my loves, and I enjoy them and everything they give back, their beautiful flowers…


My followers in Instagram you already know many of my cactus and succulents because I upload images quite often.

For a long time I’ve felt a great love of plants and the flowers, I inherited it from my mother and my grandmother who had incredible gardens in which I loved to spend long periods. Neither of them had cactus at that time, and if there was one, they were not given the value they have today. When I got married and I had my own garden, I could fully enjoy my plants, I exchanged gajitos, seeds with my mother and we spent a lot of time talking about it. She told me that I had a green hand, that I made whatever I wanted to be born. It is an immense pity that he is no longer with me, I miss those moments so much!…. more than anything in the world…


A little over three years ago, my husband gave me a small drawer full of cactus pots the size of a coffee cup. They were about 15 or 16 different copies. They were beautiful but small enough to take care of me without knowing anything about them… So I began to investigate, to make myself into groups of passionate about cacti and succulents in FacebookI even took a course to find out more. I’m no expert at all, but I haven’t regretted any major losses since…

cactus and succulents

My first cactus and succulents

After researching, I knew it would be my new passion, seeing the images of cactus with spectacular blooms my eyes were full and I woke up wanting to buy and get every species I saw on the web…. And so it was, haha! Cactus that I saw, cactus that I brought home, and with so many that I had, one day I found myself without a suitable place for them. They would rotate from place to place until they found what was right for them, but of course! Some like the sun, others like the shade, some want water, some don’t… It’s not that simple! And if that wasn’t enough, they had to go through a complete remodeling of my house and the patio, (that implied lifting all the plants I had and wanted to recover, and planting them in containers to then transplant to a definitive place) a year from here to there, poor people!

With the garden arrangements, we had to think of a unique space for them, we didn’t want anything like what we had seen before, but that it be their home, with the protection they need and the right light… So, as a designer that I am, I made a kind of “plane” for the new “cactucero”. When my husband saw him he loved it but he didn’t trust the result too much.

Little by little I convinced him, and we began with the play….. I show you some images with step by step so you can do it if you like…


And so what we call “cactucero” was built, in this last part I collaborated with the painting, with the enthusiasm that I had, I painted it in one morning… Then it was finished with ceramics in shades of brown and orange in the base, and the ceiling gave the final touch. It was made of wood to combine with the decoration of the garden and white fiber veneer for the cactus had the necessary sun without suffering burns. And they really appreciate it day by day, you can see when you see them so healthy and cute that they really liked their new home …







I hope you liked my cactus, and if you want me to keep writing this type of publications, write me a comment or a message in my Fanpage. I invite you to see more beautiful images of cactus and a little more of my world at Instagram.

See you next time! ♥

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