How to make a super easy backdrop

The backdrops o backdrop are an excellent decorative resource for parties of all kinds, since it allows to isolate or highlight a small space of the party to take photographs or to place the table of Candy bar. If you want to take photos, you can create a living room or a comfortable space with the theme of the party, for this moment is really special.

In this case, the backdrop is very easy and fast to make, with simple and economical materials. Pastel colors were chosen, but that’s entirely up to you. You must take into account the approximate length you would like the curtain, and the width, although the latter should not worry too much as you regulate it once finished.

This backdrop of pastel colors is ideal for a Unicorn theme partyIf you like this suggestion, you can visit this link.

Let’s see the tutorial to make this beautiful backdrop in pastel colors.


  • Plastic or nylon tablecloths for tablecloths (sold by the metre)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or cord

Step by step

  • Take the nylon or tablecloth and fold it several times along the length.
  • With the nylon folded, cut strips approximately 5 cm wide.
  • Take the tape or cord of the desired length, and tie one by one the previously cut strips, leaving about 10 cm of excess at the top. Arrange the strips, or rather the knots, one glued to the other well together to create a tight curtain of strips.
  • Finally, hang the curtain on the wall.

I hope you like this option and you will find it useful, I liked it very much for the simplicity of its development and for its impeccable result.

Source: thebeautydojo

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