How to make wool tassels very easily

The tassels are in fashion for both home decorationIt can be used for parties or as part of bijouterie or accessories such as handbags and purses. That’s why you can’t miss this tutorial fast and simple that will teach you how to make tassels very easily, and you will be able to decorate everything you want…..

The idea is to learn how to make tassels, then you can choose the material and create endless decorative elements for your home or to decorate a party in the form of garland.

What can you use to make tassels?… wool, leather strips, jute thread, silk threads, cloth strips, whatever comes to mind! It all depends on the use you want to make of it. When you acquire the ability to make tassels, you could try ribbons, chains and bijouterie beads to make pendants or key rings, they are beautiful and can get you out of a jam at the moment of making a gift.

With all these ideas, we can start with the step-by-step tassel-making.


  • Wool of different colours
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard 13 cm x 8 cm
  • Tape or string to hang (in case of making a garland)

Step by step

  • Take the wool and roll it into the cardboard lengthwise 10 or 12 times. The thickness of the tassel depends on this.

  • Cut the wool at the bottom and carefully remove it from the cardboard so that it does not fall apart.

  • Tie the center with another piece of wool leaving a few centimeters to hang.

  • Fold the strands of wool in half and with the wool we tie a kind of buttonhole and knot above.

  • Gather all the strands and with a piece of wool tie about 2 cm from the top. Give several winds with the wool to form the tassel. Match the base if necessary by cutting the tips of the wool strands.
  • To make a garland, simply run the tassels through a cord or ribbon leaving a space between them to make them look better.

I hope you like this tutorial and that you start your imagination to do many nice things. See you soon! ♥


Decor Scan Editors Team

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