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DIY scented bags

If you want to perfume your clothes and the linen in the drawers, then you have to opt for scented bags. Here’s how to create them in an economical and fast way.

Bags, ScentedTHE scented bags They are indicated to deodorize there linen, the do you live and the wardrobe same. Useful for use in drawers and also in the car compartment, if you want to avoid using scented saplings, which in any case remain a chemical product.

How to do it yourself

Self you want to accomplish with the do-it-yourself of the practical scented bags, the procedure is very simple. There are two important things to keep in mind, the first being inside the bag you can insert the flowers you prefer, so as to give the fragrance you like best. The other thing not to be underestimated is that, compared to those purchased for example in supermarkets, the bags that you can pack yourself are certainly more natural.

Bags, ScentedWhat it takes to make a scented bag

Let’s start with the flowers that are used to insert them inside the bag. Collect, for instance, rose petals, lavender and magnolia flowers. Once you have all of them, place them on a sheet of paper and let them dry in the sun for several days. The important thing to remember is that you have to pick them up at home every eveningotherwise you risk making them moldy.

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Bags, ScentedOnce dried, put them in the bags

Once the flowers are dried, At that time it’s time to choose the bags that you like the most, and insert them inside them. Add to all the selected flowers also various spices such as vanilla and close them with a ribbon or string.

Flowers, DriedHow to choose the right bag

For the choice of the bag, there are several workable solutions. It is possible, if you do not want to spend anything, retrieve the bags that come used for to contain the confetti given away during the ceremonies. Once the sugared almonds have been consumed, these bags can be stored and taken out at the right time, when you are ready to make your scented bags.

In case, you don’t have any of these confetti bags available, then it is also possible to buy them already packaged, and just fill them with dried flowers.


Also DIY the bag

For the most willing and creative, but above all for those who are practical with the needle and the thread, it is also possible to sew directly of the little bags. Just buy some canvas or cloth, depending on your preferred material, and with a little thread make a simple bag that can contain the flowers we have prepared.

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