Christmas place cards to make with the children

Lots of Christmas place card ideas to make with your children, even the smallest ones, even in preschool age. A few simple elements are enough to set up the party table.


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This year you can amaze your diners of the holiday season with gods creative and original place cards, made with love together with your children. Here is a series of chores to do with them, with different needs and also various difficulties of execution.

You can choose the one that’s right for you based on your availability of time and the manual skills you have. It is not necessary to be an artist, but in some cases there is a need for greater skill. Be sure that any creation you choose will undoubtedly be very welcome, because it is handmade with love.

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Greedy candy canes

Let’s start with one of the most classic processes, for which you just need to get some candy canes, that measure at least 15 cm in height, del colored cardboard and gods markers.

Decorate the card as you prefer, also helping you with ribbons or washi tape (rolls of colored adhesive tape that greatly simplify the decorations). S.choose whether to write a greeting message or the name of the guest at dinner.

After this step, all you have to do is drill a little hole (even better if you have a hole punch), add a drawstring is tie it to the stick of sugar. To complete your sweet invitation to sit down, you can to add also an spruce twig or butcher’s broom.


Santa Claus stuck in the chimney

To make this playful place card, you first need gods internal rolls of toilet paper, therefore we advise you to decide in time so as to better organize yourself in the collection. You will also need:

  • white cardboard
  • colored tempera (at least red is black)
  • rounded tip scissors
  • a black fine tip marker
  • glue stick.

The process is really simple. Start with what will become the fireplace: paint the toilet paper tube of color red. While you wait for it to dry, proceed to cut out and decorate Santa’s legs.

At this point you just have to to draw of the lines, to transform the scroll into a fireplace bricks and finally, insert the legs so that they seem to come out of the fireplace, fixing them with a little glue stick. You can place this cheerful place card next to each glass or in the center of the plate.

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Clothespins decorated

Without a doubt the easier realization, for which you will only have to prepare wooden clothespins, colored tempera is a few double strands of wool. With the same procedure, you can prepare many different subjects. For example, for a placeholder that it is one of the Santa’s reindeer, you only need some brown wool for the horns it’s a small red pompom for the nose (see the image below for inspiration).

If you prefer instead Santa Claus in person, paint the whole red clothespin, leaving only a small part for the face. Draw the beard and hair with there white tempera et voilà, that’s it!

Don’t forget to write sideways the name of the diner and maybe, on the other hand, the current year. Remember that every Christmas deserves to be celebrated, even the one at the end of a year perhaps to be forgotten.


Christmas ball with card

This chore really very easy and will allow you to breathe new life into old balls that you no longer put on the tree. Just make sure they have a hood with hook to support the decorated card that you will create.

Again you can decorate the card as you see fit, perhaps having the children draw an illuminated fir or a beautiful comet; add the name of who will sit at the table with you or a joyful “Happy Holidays” And that’s it.


Ginger biscuits

Cooking with children is always a delightful activity, in every sense. By purchasing themed molds, you will be able knead of the simple shortcrust pastry for ginger biscuits that welcome all guests with their scent.

On the market, there are also gods stamps with letters to write the name of the diner directly on the biscuit: no doubt you will leave everyone speechless!


Letter with poetry

Perhaps this is the most classic, the one that once was done at school with the teachers. If your children are old enough to be able to write, decorate with them letters to put in the center of each plate, with a beautiful poem to recite then loudly before starting to eat. In this way you will be able to train their memory and writing skills and, at the same time, create Christmas place cards that will be appreciated by everyone.


Christmas place cards to make with children: images and photos

Here is a rich photo gallery with many other suggestions for a personalized and loving mise en place.


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