Recycling mouse pads: 5 truly amazing uses

If you work many hours on the PC and have collected an infinite number of mouse pads, perhaps a little old and ruined but you don’t want to resign yourself to throwing them away, discover with us some interesting projects. Here are 5 surprising ways to recycle mouse pads – ready to copy some ideas?

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If you love the creative recycling and always give a second chance to the objects you have at home, how about putting yourself to the test with a new project, which sees the protagonists floor mats used of yours mouse?

You have a wide choice to transform these adventure companions in your days of study or hard work on the PC into something completely different: let’s take a look together.

Different colors, materials and shapes all to meet your design needs but above all functionality. Peek through the ergonomic models with gel pads for added comfort, after that exploits all of these advantages to solve some situations at home. Which? Find out more by continuing to read.

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1. Design trivet

Let’s start with a nice project that starts from a need of everyday life and that concerns each of us; to do this we move in the kitchen. The idea is very simple, yet indispensable: use your old mat (but also more than one) as a useful trivet, and brings the pans, the steaming dishes but also the pizza boxes to the table, without the fear of ruining the table below.

Don’t be afraid of high temperatures and give space to conviviality! Make your old mats ready to use by practicing a small hole at the base that it will help you hang them on kitchen hooks. And voila, the first project is gone! Let’s move on to the second useful idea.


2. Coaster

The second idea, like the first, exploits the fabric of mats like helpful shelf for your glasses. Let’s try to make a few coasters together and bring an extra touch of practicality and panache to the table. To make them you will need:

  • a mouse pad
  • a pair of scissors
  • needle and thread.

Take the measurements well is create identical squares or circles, on which you will go to lay your glass; to do this you could also decide to use a mat of your favorite pattern.


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3. Straighten a picture

You organized a wall in the living room with a painting at the center of the scene, or with different frames with various shapes and sizes, and among them there is more than one that just can’t stand up straight? To solve the problem just follow a few simple steps.

First of all, check that this is really the case and that it is not the eye that deceives you; then check that the nails are well aligned: maybe they are not uniform? If so and you worry about not being able to resolve the situation, don’t panic! The mouse pad can help you and the process is actually very quick and easy.

Cut out some small pieces and, after having rolled them up a bit, place them at the base of your painting in order to straighten it. This will also prevent it from sliding down again by leaning on one side only.


4. Open jars

Raise your hand if you sometimes throw in the towel in front of a jar that own you don’t want to open. How to resolve the issue, without resorting to hard ways or asking for help from the strongest family member? Without trick and without deception but with our best ally, ready to support us also in this enterprise: yours mouse pad!

It would be preferable to resort to one of the thinnest you have and holding it firmly, wrap the lid of the jar and unscrew it: we are sure that you will be amazed at the speed with which you will succeed in the enterprise. Now let’s move on to the last useful tip for recycling mouse pads. You will surely wonder how you did not think about it before! Are you ready?


5. Practice knee brace

If you love to keep your house tidy and you have a rather tight schedule of repairs and various interventions, we are sure that your knees will be the first to ask for help. If you are always on your knees to clean, repair or repaint surfaces, why still suffer?

They will be enough a couple of mouse pads, better if one of those ergonomic with reinforced part in gel, and once placed below your knees start the hard work. Everything will be simpler: seeing is believing.


Recycle mouse pads: images and photos

These that we have just proposed to you are just some of the ideas that you can put into practice to make your life easier. There are many other ways to reuse your old mouse pads; for example to support some limping table, to organize the pantry and not let your cans slide down or you can think creatively, giving them a shape and creating a real work of art. Take a look at the gallery of images below to find the right inspiration: let yourself be surprised!


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