3 Christmas chores to do with the little ones

How to spend the pre-Christmas holidays with the little ones? Making Christmas DIY jobs with them using simple recycled materials that are easy to find at home. You will be able to create original decorations that will brighten your home.


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When the Christmas season is approaching, the streets begin to fill with lights and the shop windows are colored with green, red and Christmas-themed decorations. It arrives then also the moment of decorate house own to feel the magical Christmas atmosphere in every corner of your home.

L’Christmas tree is for sure the undisputed protagonist of every house, but even him must be decorated. For the decorations could to achieve gods Christmas chores to do with the little ones, so that they can have fun and see what they have created with their hands become Christmas decorations. We will give you 3 DIY decoration ideas that you can make with your children using objects that you already have at home and that can be recycled with a little imagination.

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1. Personalized Christmas balls

If you have balls for your tree Christmas of White color that you don’t like because they seem unoriginal, you can give it a different one personality with the help of your little ones. We there we will drive in creation of a ball who has the face of a Panda, but you can make a custom one with any color, with your favorite character design, just put a lot of creativity into it.

To customize your white ball vi will serve:

  • black and white tempera colors
  • brush
  • black permanent marker
  • black felt
  • small fake flowers (optional)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue.


  1. Draw on the ball two ovals for the eyes of the panda and then carry on with the drawing of his nose and muzzle stylized.
  2. With black gouache color your eyes is used a felt tip pen indelible black for to draw nose and muzzle, so that it is easier than using the brush.
  3. Now the panda will need the ears, then draw two crescents on the sheet of black felt is cropped. Apply ears on the ball with hot glue.
  4. Take the ribbon of the color you prefer, make a noose is glued to the ball so that the panda can be hung on the tree.

If the your Panda is a female, you can continue to to decorate pasting of fake flowers or creating some with crepe paper.

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2. Christmas characters with wooden sticks

Simple gods ice cream sticks made of wood with a little imagination and various colors, they can become nice people characters with which to decorate your own Christmas tree.

With this type of technique you can create any character you want: a tree, a snowman, Santa Claus. What we propose you we are now the realization of Santa Claus, but the process will be the same for each type of character you choose.

What you there will serve to make Santa Claus:

  • 5 ice cream sticks wooden
  • colors a red and pink tempera
  • hot glue
  • 2 black buttons
  • ribbon
  • red felt
  • wadding
  • round adhesive eyes.


  1. Take 4 sticks wooden e paint them to half with red gouache and the other upper half of color pink. Set aside and let it dry and then fix them the one beside to the other.
  2. Cut in half the last one stick wooden remained is positioned diagonally on the part rear of the Santa Claus. Fix also the ribbon and glued all with hot glue.
  3. Draw on the felt red a triangle which then becomes the hat of Santa e a small circle for his nose. Glue the hat with hot glue is also the small Cheerleaders created with wadding.
  4. All around the pink area representing the face of Santa Claus, put hot glue is cover with cotton wool which will become his hair and beard. As soon as under the beard, fix the buttons is glued again with hot glue.
  5. In the center of the small square pink that you left, fix your eyes stickers and nose in the center.


3. Snowmen with a roll of paper

A simple roll of toilet paper or a towel dryer is the perfect material to make a cute snowman with which to embellish the children’s room or the fireplace in the living room.

For create a puppet of snow, they will need:

  • a roll of dries everything
  • white tempera color
  • black and orange marker
  • round adhesive eyes
  • colored pipe cleaner
  • Cheerleaders
  • hot glue
  • ribbon.
  1. Paint the scroll paper with tempera and let it dry for good.
  2. Calculate more or less half of the paper roll e on the upper part apply the adhesive eyes, with marker Orange draw the nose of the puppet that will look like a carrot. Then realize the smile stroke of the puppet and the face area is finished.
  3. Take the ribbon is tie a knot. This will become the scarf of your puppet.
  4. It’s time to give the puppet an earmuff. To make it happen give the pipe cleaner the shape of a bridge is paste one end To the right is one a left with hot glue. Now you just have to fare the same with pom poms and the snowman is ready to brighten up the room!


3 Christmas chores to do with the little ones: pictures and photos

Recycle toilet paper rolls, nondescript balls and wooden ice cream sticks to create Christmas crafts with your children to decorate the tree and home with.


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