Where to buy decorative vinyl?

Looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-apply decorating resource? Buying decorative vinyl can be your final solution, and for that reason, we bring you a complete list of decoration stores where you can get them.

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It seems to be a lie that a fashion that was already talked about in this blog back in 2008, has now become a decorative resource practically essential. Will its ease of placement, its designs increasingly updated or the economic decorative vinyls that make us buy on impulse every time we visit our favorite decor store? Whatever the reason, the truth is that many of our readers have asked us where you can buy decorative vinyl for your walls, so today we bring you a complete selection of decoration shops with original designs.

There are shops with exclusive vinyl designs following the latest trends, shops specializing in children’s vinyl, Spanish designers, French and the rest of the world, as well as stores where you can buy decorative vinyl with more common and economical designs to decorate our walls. In this post I have made a compilation of several with examples from their catalogs, and there is even one where you can! design your own decorative vinyl!

Buy decorative vinyl from Leroy Merlin

While it is true that this is not exactly the cheapest store to buy vinyl, the truth is that it turns out to be one of the most models they have to choose, and also, are really updated and very original models.

For example, they have vertical gardens ideal for those who love that idea but don’t have time or patience for the plants, something you can also apply in the window, with small pots on the glass. Likewise, if you have always dreamed of a great Buddha figure but have never found room for it, the solution may be a vinyl. Vinyl with great phrases of happiness are also always a good option to decorate and fill the home with joy!

buy decorative vinyls - Vinyls Leroy Merlin
Source Leroy Merlin

Ikea Decorative Vinyl

For the modest price of 10 euros (or even less, depending on the model), you can get a decorative Ikea vinyl like the ones in the photograph below. Flowers, butterflies and geek motifs are some of the proposals of this low cost decoration store.

If you’re looking for a cheap vinyl, this is probably the best option. However, if you are looking for some kind of exclusivity and originality, I was looking for another store because these vinyls, apart from being cheap, have been in the IKEA catalogue for a long time, that is… they are in half of Spain and part of abroad!

buy decorative vinyls - ikea decorative vinyls - flowers, butterflies and geek
Source Ikea

Buy Imaginarium children’s vinyls

This children’s store, specializing in toys, also has some ideal decorative accessories for the little ones of the house as are the children’s vinyls that I show you here.

An alphabet with which to learn the letters or write the name of the child, a beautiful rainbow with its raindrops, or even a meter for children to see their growth day by day. These and other vinyls you will find on the website of the brand with prices ranging from 5 euros onwards, so there is no excuse for not buying decorative vinyls for the room of the little ones.

buy decorative vinyl- Imaginarium decorative vinyl for children
Source Imaginarium

Children’s vinyl by Mimi’Lou

We already told you about the children’s vinyl of Mimi’Lou, a French company that shows us a exclusive design collectionvery different from the one we are used to when it comes to vinyl, with an aesthetic characterized by simplicity like this little pink deer.

And the good thing is, although it’s a French store it also distributes all over the world. For example, in Spain, we can find these vinyls in the Kibuc Barajas store in Madrid and in the My little fashion creation online stores. Prices range from 30 euros onwards.

buy decorative vinyls - Children's vinyls by Mimi'Lou
Source Mimi’Lou

Designer vinyl in Hommu

Conrad Roset, Gloria Joven, Irene Vidal, Javi Suarez, Joel Lozano, María Diamantes and Nomono are the designers who market their creations through the online vinyl store Hommu. The truth is that the designs of each and every one of them are really original and different… and although the price is also the highest (45 euros onwards), If you’re looking for a really creative vinyl, this is your store! You can buy online or in one of their physical stores (you will find some of their products in the VIP’s).

buy decorative vinyls - Designer vinyls
Source Hommu

Personalized vinyl in My vinyl

In the online shop My vinyl you can also find a lot of models of vinyl decorative by theme and even designed by specific authors. But what really offers different this website is the possibility of design your own decorative vinyl with text, printed photo, logo or concrete design.

buy decorative vinyls
Source My vinyl

What did you think of this selection of stores where to buy decorative vinyl? The truth is that on the Internet you will find many more, there are even some specialized only in vinyl and wall decoration. We would love it if any of you have experience buying vinyls online and tell us about it in a commentary. We are sure that the rest of the readers will thank you as much as we do!

Also, other very interesting trends for the decoration of walls are the wallpaper and the big photomurals that cover a wall completely, of which we have already spoken to you previously in our online decoration magazine.
buy decorative vinyls

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