Braciere da giardino

Garden Brazier: Here are 32 Practical and Elegant Models

Vibrant atmospheres with atavistic charm, a design with attention to every single detail to marry practicality and elegance… get ready to discover a suggestive collection of garden braziers capable of embellishing and characterizing any type of environment.

THE designer garden braziers they represent the perfect solution for those who are looking for a piece of furniture that is decorative and at the same time practical, therefore to be revisited in a barbecue version. We have selected 32 models truly suggestive capable of meeting different types of needs and made by important internationally renowned companies.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more refined than a brazier, you can always consider creating an outdoor fireplace in a classic or decidedly modern version.


Garden brazier

Design garden brazier model n.01Glamm Fire Brazier

High quality materials capable of withstanding perfection in outdoor environments and therefore in contact with various atmospheric agents, here is the proposal of garden braziers signed by Glamm Fire which makes design and aesthetic refinement its strong point. The models you are admiring are striking for their elegant shapes and practicality, offering integrated in some cases even comfortable seats perfect for spending an evening in the company of friends.

Design garden brazier model n.02Glamm Fire Brazier

Design garden brazier model n.03Glamm Fire Brazier

Design garden brazier model n.04Glamm Fire Brazier

Design garden brazier model n.05Glamm Fire Brazier

The modern and in some ways futurist-inspired design takes shape through the use of steel, available in various finishes, proposing outdoor braziers that are also log holders at the same time (you can also take a look at our selection of wood holders from interior). These splendid models therefore allow you to furnish the garden with an original touch and to always have everything in order and within reach.

Design garden brazier model n.06Glamm Fire Brazier

Design garden brazier model n.07Glamm Fire Brazier

Design garden brazier model n.08Paloform brazier

Let’s now discover the many solutions proposed by Paloform in the field of garden braziers which, as you can already see from the shots, are also made with natural gas or propane, the perfect solution for those who only want to create magical atmospheres and relax, perhaps with a good glass of wine, observing the floating flames.

Design garden brazier model n.09Paloform brazier

Design garden brazier model # 10Paloform brazier

Design garden brazier model n.11Paloform brazier

Design garden brazier model n.12DecorPro brazier

Perfect to use also as garden torches, the braziers proposed by DecorPro are made of steel and finished using a gunmetal gray epoxy powder with indisputable charm. The sinuous shapes, reminiscent of those of a flower or a fortress, make them real jewels of modern design.

Design garden brazier model # 13DecorPro brazierDesign garden brazier model # 17Flameclass brazier

Pure geometries and suggestive plays of light, here is the proposal for outdoor braziers signed by Flameclass, the perfect solution, practical and space-saving, for terraces or external corridors where large spaces for maneuver are not available.

Design garden brazier model # 18Flameclass brazier

Design garden brazier model # 19Röshults brazier

We continue with our selection of garden braziers by showing you two splendid models by Röshults where fire takes the leading role: the raw steel plates allow you to admire the vibrant essence of the flames in all its charm.

Design garden brazier model # 20Roshults Brazier

Design outdoor brazier

Let’s go into the details of the production of design braziers for gardens and outdoor spaces by showing you models where aesthetics embrace practicality, furnishing with class.

Design outdoor brazier model n.01MetalFire brazierDesign outdoor brazier model n.02Focus Creation bowlDesign outdoor brazier model n.03Kettal brazierDesign outdoor brazier model n.04Skargaarden BrazierDesign outdoor brazier model n.05Höfats brazierDesign outdoor brazier model n.06Brazier by Arpe StudioDesign outdoor brazier model n.07Brazier by Arpe StudioDesign outdoor brazier model n.08Brazier by Arpe StudioDesign outdoor brazier model n.09Garda Design brazierDesign outdoor brazier model n.10Viteo brazier

Stone garden brazier

A mix of materials structured on different levels to restore all the charm of natural stone, here are garden braziers that fit easily into any outdoor environment.

Stone garden brazier model n.01Brazier by AK47 DesignStone garden brazier model n.02Brazier by AK47 Design

Garden brazier with grill

Design garden brazier model # 14Konstantin Slawinski’s brazier

Some time ago we had the opportunity to show you some original wood or charcoal barbecues and, here in particular, you can admire different versions of braziers signed by Konstantin Slawinski. Simple and essential lines characterize these models of garden braziers which, in a simple and very practical way, turn into a barbecue for perfect barbecues with friends.

Design garden brazier model # 15Konstantin Slawinski’s brazier

Design garden brazier model # 16Konstantin Slawinski’s brazier


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