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Design Armchairs: 40 Models That Will Conquer You

Simply unique furnishing accessories capable of radically transforming the perception of any environment with class and elegance … we are in fact about to present a vast collection of design armchairs, well 40 models designed and manufactured by well-known internationally renowned designers and have become true cult objects.

Through a real journey into high-quality design, we will discover materials and technologies as well as unique shapes of armchairs that can be inserted in living or working spaces, giving that touch of refinement and particularity capable of surprising and capturing the attention of the look.

If you want detailed information regarding the individual design armchairs shown here, for example regarding size or price, you will find the links that refer to the manufacturers and designers under each single image.

Barca armchair

Barca armchair by Jakob JørgensenDesigner Jakob Jørgensen

A sinuous design for a piece of furniture that is nothing short of unique, this design armchair that takes the name of Barca is made of oak and the boards that compose it create a double curve capable of transmitting a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Steam armchair 11

Steam 11 armchair by Bae Se-hwaDesigner Bae Se-hwa

Still soft curves in walnut wood worked through the use of steam. The lines of this suggestive object represent the continuous push and pull between man and the environment.

Nest Chair Armchair

Nest Chair by Nina BruunDesigner Nina Bruun

Inspired by the shape of a real nest, the armchair designed by Nina Bruun is inspired by the chaos of the world wonderfully reproduced through the use of birch strips that intertwine, in the center of the man’s seat.

Peacock L armchair

Peacock L armchair by UUfieUUfie designer

Designed to capture magical moments of beauty and happiness, Peacock spectacularly reproduces the tail of a peacock and does so through the skilful processing of an acrylic compound that is heat manipulated.

Quetzal chair armchair

Quetzal chair by Marc VenotDesigner Marc Venot

Handcrafted, this armchair can change its appearance in the blink of an eye: the 14 overlapping two-tone cushions not only create a unique visual impact but also allow rapid transformations.

Manta armchair

Manta armchair by MastMast designer

Inspired by the refined elegance of the marine creature that bears its own name, Manta is presented as a curved armchair capable of combining art and design, inviting you to relax.

Narl Chair Armchair

Narl Chair by Carl DurkowDesigner Carl Durkow

An omnidirectional rocking chair with a base structure in high-density polyurethane foam and leather, the seat is instead made of expanded polystyrene and felt. The intent of this chair is to bring the mind back to the infantile state and is centered simply by moving the feet away from the ground during the sitting phase.

Shell armchair

Shell armchair by Branca LisboaDesigner Branca Lisboa

Its shape resembles that of a shell and the simple yet refined design transform it into a unique piece of furniture. It is made of birch plywood with cotton or leather cushions.

Diwani Chair Armchair

Diwani Chair by AE SuperlabAE Superlab designer

The fluid and refined shape of this design armchair is inspired by the elegant dynamism of Arabic writing and manages to convey a sensation of movement even when at rest. The wood is bent to high resistance and then hand finished by local artisans.

Rising Chair Armchair

Rising Chair by Robert Van EmbricqsDesigner Robert Van Embricqs

Entirely handmade, numbered and signed, these unique armchairs are foldable and go from a completely flat structure to the suggestive three-dimensional intersection of polished wood.

Wood Chair Armchair

Wood Chair by Marc NewsonDesigner Marc Newson

Created with the intention of pushing the material to the limit, the Wood armchair is composed of steam-bent beech slats to form a double curve which then branches off to the backrest and front support. A splendid example of skilful woodworking.

Evolve Chair Armchair

Evolve Chair by Velichko VelikovDesigner Velichko Velikov

Again a bentwood armchair that seems to literally bend to the will of its creator. The shapes are soft and so expertly crafted that they almost give the impression of being malleable.

Pipa Chair Armchair

Pipa Chair by PiegatooPiegatoo designer

26 vertical sections in laminated banak wood give life to this armchair with essential profiles that seems to take shape from the force of the wind. Available in different colors, it fits perfectly into any type of environment.

Monroe armchair

Monroe armchair by Alexander WhiteDesigner Alexander White

Inspired by the white dress worn by Marylin Monroe in her famous passage on the New York subway grate, this armchair explores the creation of new forms through repetition. Using modern numerical control machines, 83 identical and corresponding components have been made that rotate around a central axis, the result is a curved and comfortably complex armchair.

Saji Chair Armchair

Saji Chair by KishimotoDesigner Kishimoto

All the elegance of the Far East takes shape in this armchair with an essential yet refined design. The intent was to create a three-dimensional shape from a single two-dimensional curve by folding multiple layers of thin lamellae.

Yumi Chair Armchair

Yumi Chair by KishimotoDesigner Kishimoto

Here is a second model of armchair signed by Kishimoto with decidedly more impressive lines but at the same time delicate and refined. A splendid example of skilful woodworking.

Exocet Chair armchair

Exocet Chair by Stéphane LeatheadDesigner Stéphane Leathead

In all likelihood, what you are admiring is the design armchair that everyone would like to have at hand. Currently available in a limited edition, the Exocet has a structure capable of rotating on its central axis, transforming itself into multiple versions for as many sessions.

Carnaval Chair Armchair

Carnaval Chair by GlidGlid designer

The warm and festive spirit of Latin Americans translates into the design of a design object that embraces the beauty of nature and invites conviviality. The armchair is customizable with the possibility to choose the type of wood and color as well as the frame and the ropes.

Enignum III Chair Armchair

Enignum III Chair by Joseph WalshDesigner Joseph Walsh

The mystery of the composition lies in the materials used, this armchair, which seems to assume the features of a living being, shows the perfect encounter between man and material.

Wiggle Side Chair Armchair

Wiggle Side Chair by Frank GehryDesigner Frank Gehry

An armchair made entirely of cardboard, skilfully crafted in order to guarantee resistance, durability and a truly captivating design: this is the evocative vision of the architect Frank Gehry.

Moebius armchair

Moebius armchair by Kamil KurkaDesigner Kamil Kurka

A simple and suggestive interweaving structure at the same time, this armchair is made of wood but also in white and silver shades, you can choose to customize it as you prefer.

Savannah Rocker III armchair

Savannah Rocker III Armchair by Jolyon YatesDesigner Jolyon Yates

A smooth rocking chair obtained by continuous wood processing, perfect for lovers of modern and contemporary design. It is carved in birch wood and finished with satin lacquer.

Cowrie Chair Armchair

Cowrie Chair by RatioDesigner Ratio

Inspired by the curvilinear shape of a shell, this armchair, which passes from a normal seat to a rocking version, becomes a work of art made with a natural or ebonized finish.

Carbon Chair Armchair

Carbon Chair by Ventury LabsVentury Labs designer

A carbon fiber armchair that literally seems to fold in on itself… the result is truly spectacular and perfect for those looking for a piece of furniture with a modern and original character.

Active sitting chair

Active sitting armchair by Alexander ChristoffDesigner Alexander Christoff

An ergonomic armchair with a unique design: thanks to this seat you can take advantage of the active factor that favors cardiovascular efficiency, improves posture, toning, increases strength and reduces stress.

Calla armchair

Calla armchair by Simone CappellantiDesigner Simone Cappellanti

Resuming the search for elastic sinuosities started in 1960 by Panton, Calla is inspired by the seductive charm of this plant. Refined in its essentiality, this armchair fits perfectly into any environment.

Globe armchair

Globe armchair by RivaRiva designer

A swivel iron base supports an armchair in solid scented cedar wood and perfectly worked from a single block. You will notice the timeless charm of this perfect object to embellish refined design environments.

Bamboo Chair Armchair

Bamboo Chair by Tejo Remy and René VeenhuizenDesigner Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen

Designer Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen

Thanks to its durable and flexible properties, bamboo is truly a perfect wood for creating design objects, just like this armchair with its suggestive and sinuous shapes.

Bowl Chair Armchair

Bowl Chair by ArperArper designer

An essential metal structure supports a perfect hemisphere offering a particular seat that can be customized in the choice of fabrics and shades for cushions and armchair.

Blueberry Armchair

Blueberry Armchair by Carlo ColomboDesigner Carlo Colombo

220 non-deformable polyurethane spheres form a decidedly comfortable armchair with a particular look to say the least. Inspired by the texture and shape of a blueberry, this armchair becomes a cult object capable of furnishing with simplicity and elegance.

Q1 lounge chair

Q1 lounge chair by OdesD2OdesD2 designer

A purely geometric-inspired design that recalls the striking facets of a diamond. The padding recalls the actual structure of the armchair which, in its essential white, is dressed in elegance.

Yoda armchair

Yoda armchair by Kenneth CobonpueDesigner Kenneth Cobonpue

Inspired by the tall grass in a field that can be admired on a summer day, this armchair transforms the interior into a lively garden offering a decidedly comfortable seat with ample support for the back.

Spoon Chair Armchair

Spoon Chair by Philipp AduatzDesigner Philipp Aduatz

The material that bends to the artist’s will to create an extraordinary object capable of combining design …


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