5 practical tips to keep your fridge in order

refrigerator in order
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Clutter in the home is always a mistake, but if it extends to the kitchen it is even more so. For many reasons, it is very important to try to keep the fridge in order. This will prevent the products from spoiling and expiring, and will keep the food in the best conditions. Take note of the tips we tell you today and put them into practice.

If, when you open the refrigerator door, a vision of utter chaos appears before your eyes, the time has come to take action. You’ll have to make it a point to put your fridge in order. And for that you have to have clear some guidelines, simple but important. Keeping the refrigerator in order will be the first step to completely renovate your kitchen.

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Does your fridge need a good overhaul? Then get to work. The first thing you have to do is empty it completely. Take out everything in it, and throw out everything that might be in bad shape (or have a dubious appearance). You’ll also have to get rid of anything that’s expired.

Putting your fridge in order will not only help you to preserve your food much better, but is an effective way to save because, on the one hand, you won’t throw away products that go bad and, on the other hand, you will make the purchase more accurately, since you will know at all times what you have and what you need to buy (which is now complicated…).

To put your fridge in order, first clean it thoroughly

fridge in order
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Once you’ve completely emptied the fridge, removes all removable items you have, from the drawers to the shelves, to the grills, etc. Clean all the elements and dry them.

Now clean the inside thoroughly. You can use a special refrigerator disinfectant to do this. This is a detergent that is applied and left to work for about 30 seconds before rinsing. If you prefer, you can also clean the whole interior with a solution of soapy water, insisting on the interior walls and the door on the inside. Don’t forget to check the rubber seals on the doors, as they can be damaged if you don’t.

The order, according to the temperature

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Once your fridge is clean and dry, it’s time to introduce the food. Mind you, it wouldn’t do any good to drive them crazy again, like it was before. Take this opportunity to organize all meals by zones and place them according to the cooling needs of each product.

The temperature of the refrigerator is not uniform throughout the interior. The recommendation is that it should be between 1 and 4º C in the refrigerator part, and 18º C in the freezer, but it should also be taken into account that the position of the shelves affects the cold.

The coldest parts of the refrigerator are the bottom shelves whilst the upper ones are warmer. Depending on how cold it needs to be, it is better to put it in one place or another.

As a general rule, among the things you should not do when using the refrigerator, it is important not stuff her with things, because it won’t get cold anyway. You should not stick the food too much to each other or to the inside walls, to allow air to circulate.

What to put in each area of the refrigerator?

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As the top is the area of the refrigerator where the temperature is slightly older, There you can store already cooked food, which does not need to be so cold to be preserved. However, do this in glass or plastic containers (GAP-free) suitable for the microwave and freezer. Also the dairy products, from yoghurts, desserts, cheeses, etc.

In the lower, cooler area, you can put the fresh raw food, such as meat and fish (keep everything in covered containers to avoid cross-contamination) In the drawers of the refrigerator you have to put the vegetables, the vegetables and the fruits. You can also put soft drinks and other beverages on this lower shelf of the refrigerator to keep them cooler.

And at the door?

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Although we find them to be very practical holes for storing many things, the refrigerator door shelves are the least cold place of the entire appliance. Drinks, sauces, milk, etc. should be placed in them.

On the refrigerator door there is an accessory for to place the eggs. However, many people say that it is best to keep the eggs inside the fridge,

The freezer, also ready

An orderly refrigerator passes for a having an organized freezer. Reserve a drawer for bread and ice cream, if you buy them. In another drawer you will keep the prepared food and in another the raw materials.

Always freeze after shopping, and try to make small portions (so when you need to, you don’t have to defrost too much food). Always use hermetically sealed containers, as this prevents the food from drying out in the direct cold.

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