How to turn walls into art

Wall Layering is the latest trend that is triumphing in the world of decoration and consists of transforming walls into real art galleries. Imagination has no limits and you can change the decoration according to your mood, as if it were a temporary exhibition.

Wall Layering: a taste for art

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This decorative trend is one of the most popular on social networks, especially on Instagram. What is Wall Layering? On take advantage of empty spaces and give it its own identity with colours, textures and shapes. Choose a color palette and place pictures or plates on it. Not only should they have the colours in common but also a specific motif.

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Not only is it a matter of the wall, but furniture, decorative objects to create the perfect setting for the art show. The paintings can be paintings, photographs, prints, phrases… You can also create a composition with one of these elements so that the theme does not look monotonous. Among the advantages of Wall Layering are

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  • Transforming a dull and lifeless space and create an atmosphere with its own personality.
  • There are infinite possibilities or they can be adapted to personal tastes.

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  • No need to change the color of the wall, to create a different and original corner
  • It’s a simple and original way to interact with art.
  • Inspiration can be found everywhere. As a reference, you can take a color that transmits certain sensations.

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  • The tables must should not be hanging on the wall. The Wall Layerin only specifies that you have to layering. There is no limit to the number of layers that can be overlapped.
  • There is also no budget limit. You can create your own art gallery according to your possibilities.

On which wall do you create Wall Layerin?

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Think of a special place to highlight your art collection. Next to the sofa, on the stairs… The ideal place is the one that is most comfortable for you to stand and watch in peace and enjoy your art exhibition.

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What’s the best way to hang your artwork?

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There are other options besides the traditional nails. One of the best solutions is the double-sided tapes. They are clean and simple to install and you don’t have to drill into the wall. You can also opt for shelves on which to place the paintings.

Art gallery style walls

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If you have space without anything, the Wall Layerin decoration trend is perfect for giving it life and personality. We show you the possibilities of the paintings placed in a row as an art gallery.
There are different ways of organizing the paintings and they are named in the jargon of interior designers and decorators.

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  • The Petersburg style. He proposes to hang a good number of small pictures of different shapes, very close together and on top of each other.

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  • Raster Style. It consists of placing squares of the same format horizontally and vertically following the pattern of chess boards.
  • These alternatives are perfect for small areas, where there is little distance between the paintings and the viewer.

Arrange the paintings in the style of Wall Layering

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For larger areas the online arrangements are very attractive. Place pictures very close together and overlap some of them, creating several layers. This presentation of the works is very original and it’s typical of this decorative trend: Wall Layerin.

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Use a different element (mirror, shelves) to create the effect of surprise. There is no wrong way to create your own Wall Layering at home.

Highlight your paintings with the right lighting

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Lighting is the perfect complement to highlight your art gallery. Adequate lighting will ensure an ideal staging for your pictures.

If you are going to cover the photographs with acrylic sheets do not hang in front of a strong light. It’s a way to avoid reflections. The most recommended is illuminate the works from a higher angle. You can opt for spotlights, lane lights…

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The ceiling lights directly illuminate only one frame, they are highly recommended. You can place them embedded in the ceiling or hung with a mobile support. Choose halogen lights so that each light illuminates a work of art with hardly any impact on the wall or surroundings. It is essential that the light falls on the centre of the painting at an angle of 30 degrees.

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The track lighting of a good solution to illuminate works of art. You will find very attractive systems on the market. They are easier to install than ceiling lights and can be repositioned at any time and place.

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What do you think of this latest decorating trend: Wall Layering? It’s a different and original way of decorating walls and giving them their own personality.

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