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40 Fantastic Models of Hoods for Modern Kitchens

Very high quality standards for an equally refined attention to design and aesthetics: get ready to discover some fantastic models of hoods for modern kitchens selected among the most innovative and surprising projects of the moment.

A very useful element in a kitchen, especially if organized in an open space environment, the hood is transformed into a real piece of furniture by perfectly combining technological innovation and design. If we have already had the opportunity to show you several truly original models of hoods for kitchens with island, here we will broaden the horizon by presenting 40 hoods perfectly adaptable to any kitchen, which is therefore linear, corner, with island or peninsula.

Under each image that we are going to present you will find the name of the individual manufacturer to which you can contact for information or detailed estimates.


Modern wall hoods

Modern kitchen models see the transformation of the hood into a real decorative element, the suction function is combined with aesthetic refinement to give a design capable of not going unnoticed. The wall models, practical to assemble and decidedly not bulky, give a touch of particularity that captures the eye’s attention.

The hoods for modern kitchens are transformed into real decorative elements and, thanks to the work of talented designers, these elements play a leading role. For example, the wall models with glass decorations with an urban, abstract or exquisitely geometric character are striking.

Modern kitchen hood model n.01Cape of Falmec

The essential refinement of steel and the timeless elegance of tempered glass combine to create the first models of hoods for modern kitchens that you can admire. Thanks to NRS technology, maximum silence is guaranteed, the metal grease filter is removable and washable, the electronic control panel allows practical control while the LED lighting gives a practical and chic touch at the same time.

Modern kitchen hood model n.04Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.06Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.07Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.08Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.09Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.10Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.13Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.14Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.15Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.18Sirius CapeModern kitchen hood model n.19Sirius CapeModern kitchen hood model n.20Faber hoodModern kitchen hood model n.25Galvamet hoodModern kitchen hood model n.26Galvamet hood

As we have already had the opportunity to underline the most modern technologies have been used in the design of these very particular hoods and, for example, you can take advantage of the programmed auto-off function, air purification regardless of the use of the kitchen, maintenance alerts and regeneration and much more… in short, everything you could wish for from an avant-garde product.

Modern kitchen hood model n.27Galvamet hoodModern kitchen hood model n.29Galvamet hoodModern kitchen hood model n.30Galvamet hood

Modern ceiling hoods

Ceiling hoods are the perfect solution for kitchen models with island or peninsula that therefore have the hob moved away from the wall. Also in this case you can choose between hoods that are inspired by different shapes, some of which are very particular.

Modern kitchen hood model n.03Cape of FalmecCeiling kitchen hood model n.01Valcucine hoodCeiling kitchen hood model n.02Best spa hoodCeiling kitchen hood model n.03Hood of Ernestomeda

Modern suspended hoods

Let’s stay on the subject of suspension solutions to show you decidedly elegant suction solutions, here the design is inspired by that of designer chandeliers thus making the hood an element perfectly integrated into the environment, especially in open space spaces.

Modern kitchen hood model n.05Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.05Cape of FalmecModern kitchen hood model n.21Faber hood

A spiral that seems to simulate the rising of the fumes, angular or simply recessed elements, the ones we have chosen are different models of hoods that adapt perfectly to the different structural and above all aesthetic needs.

Modern kitchen hood model n.28Galvamet hood

Modern built-in hoods

If, on the other hand, you prefer solutions that we could define as concealed, the built-in hoods will certainly be for you. The most modern models are in fact perfectly integrated both to the ceiling and to the kitchen cabinets, let’s discover them together.

Modern kitchen hood model n.24Faber hoodModern built-in hood model n.01Cape of FalmecModern built-in hood model n.02Cape of FalmecModern built-in hood model n.03Foster’s CapeModern built-in hood model n.04Elica hood

Modern deck hoods

By presenting the most evocative and innovative hoods for modern kitchens, we could not fail to bring to your attention the brand new models that provide for installation directly on the worktop, in correspondence with the hob. These are truly elegant and refined solutions which, despite the small footprint given by a retractable system, guarantee high performance.

Perfect for modern kitchens equipped with island, peninsula, without wall units or simply for dream kitchens, these hoods are really perfect for giving a touch of originality and refinement to the environment. In fact, you can choose between models that look like real design jewels and that therefore at first glance seem to assume a purely decorative function.

Modern kitchen hood model n.11Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.12Best’s hoodModern kitchen hood model n.16Sirius CapeModern kitchen hood model n.17Sirius CapeModern hood model n.01Cape of BoraModern hood model n.02Cape by Fulgor Milano

Modern corner hoods

Finally, let’s look at several modern solutions for corner hoods that will win you over at first glance for their simplicity and elegance.

Modern kitchen hood model n.22Faber hoodModern kitchen hood model n.23Faber hoodModern corner kitchen hood model n.01Elica hoodModern corner kitchen hood model n.02Elica hoodModern corner kitchen hood model n.03Faber hoodModern corner kitchen hood model n.04Faber hood


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