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Bamboo Fences: 30 Eco-Sustainable Design Ideas

Extremely resistant, evergreen and very luxuriant plant, bamboo has been used since ancient times for the most diverse purposes and, concentrating today on a perspective of inspiration eco friendly, we have chosen to present you some beautiful design ideas for the creation of bamboo fences.

Simple to make and at the same time resistant and of great aesthetic impact, the 30 bamboo fences that we are about to preserve are perfect for delimiting the perimeter of a house, gardens or simply to create a sort of dividing wall between the different environments of the space. external.

The essential design and the wide range of customizations allows the realization of varied projects and within the reach of all budgets, let’s find out what it is …


Eco-sustainable bamboo fences

Design Bamboo Fence # 01

If you have had the opportunity to appreciate our selection of wooden garden fences that we have already had the opportunity to present to you, surely you will be happy here to discover the true wonders of bamboo which, due to its particular properties, is defined as “vegetable steel. “. In many countries of Asia and Latin America it is used for the construction of entire buildings thanks to its extraordinary mechanical properties.

Design Bamboo Fence # 02

Design Bamboo Fence # 03

Design Bamboo Fence # 04

Bamboo design fence # 05

Design Bamboo Fence # 06

As you have surely noticed from the images that we are offering you, creating bamboo fences can be really simple if you have a small dose of dexterity: you can choose between logs of different thickness depending on the aesthetic effect you want to obtain and taking into account their particular location.

Design Bamboo Fence # 07

Design bamboo fence # 08

Design Bamboo Fence # 09

Design bamboo fence # 10

Design Bamboo Fence # 11

Positioned horizontally or vertically, the bamboo fences guarantee extraordinary resistance not only in structural terms but also to atmospheric agents and, a very important factor, it is an eco-sustainable material since this particular plant has a truly luxuriant growth and does not require special care. .

Design bamboo fence # 12

Design bamboo fence # 13

Design bamboo fence # 14

Design bamboo fence # 15

Design Bamboo Fence # 16

If you are looking for garden fences with an original design (just like the ones we have already shown you), here you will surely find the right source of inspiration especially if you are a lover of Zen culture and want to create an outdoor space that is inspired by oriental philosophy.

Design Bamboo Fence # 17

Design bamboo fence # 18

Design Bamboo Fence # 19

Design bamboo fence # 20

Design bamboo fence # 21

Finally, let’s go back to focusing on a purely economic factor, underlining that bamboo fences with an eco-sustainable design are really within everyone’s reach. The price of the raw material varies according to the quality and, as you can imagine, it goes up by purchasing logs of a certain thickness and origin, while it goes down by opting for the installation of arelle.

Design bamboo fence # 22

Design bamboo fence # 23

Design bamboo fence # 24

Design bamboo fence # 25

Woven bamboo fences

Woven Bamboo Fence Ideas # 01

Woven Bamboo Fence Ideas # 02

Braided Bamboo Fence Ideas # 03

Woven Bamboo Fence Ideas # 04

Braided Bamboo Fence Ideas # 05

DIY bamboo fences


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