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20 Modern Garden Accessories That Will Conquer You

If your intention is to spend a summer in direct contact with nature and the outside world, it will be good that you prepare yourself thinking about all the possible comforts and conveniences … here we are then ready to show you well 20 modern garden accessories that, we are sure, they will win you over at first glance.

The ones we have selected are real jewels of modern design, unique, original and elegant creations that everyone would like to have at their disposal. Let’s go then to discover the 20 garden accessories made for relaxation, fun and barbecues with friends.

Modern hammock

Beautiful hammock with a modern structure n.01

Beautiful hammock with modern structure n.02

The first of the modern garden accessories that we present to you is a latest generation hammock signed by Georg Bechter. Thanks to its very particular shape, this design jewel turns into a chair if necessary and allows you to cradle both with a hammock and rocking effect. If you are curious to discover many other models, we advise you to consult our article dedicated to garden hammocks with a particular design.

Modern outdoor furniture for children

Modern outdoor furniture made for children n.01

Modern outdoor furniture made for children n.02

If you are a lover of luxury and contemporary forms, you certainly cannot make your children miss the latest garden furniture: this very special collection includes a table and two armchairs and is signed by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada.

Floating pillow

Giant floating cushion for swimming pool

Here is a pool accessory that everyone will want, that is a huge floating cushion with a mattress function … really perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun on a large layer of softness.


Daybed for outdoors

Another garden accessory that will captivate you is the splendid Daybed, a sort of bed / sofa designed specifically for the outdoors that also gives a pleasant shade. The Daydeb is on sale on the Uncrate portal, but here you will discover many other rattan garden furniture.

Garden shower with ground jet

Garden shower with bottom-up jet

Very useful and at the same time unique in its kind, here is a garden shower that we could define upside down compared to traditional standards: it is composed of a platform equipped with jets that push the water from the bottom up.

Portable bonfire

Portable beach or garden bonfire n.01

Portable beach or garden bonfire n.02

Here is a truly perfect accessory for lovers of luxury, elegance and the environment, what you see here is in fact an ecological version portable bonfire composed of a splendid steel structure. Perfect for beaches, gardens and terraces, the Stix is ​​made by Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio.

Faz daybed

Faz Daybed for outdoors n.01

Faz Daybed for outdoors n.02

Faz Daybed for outdoor n.03

A sunbed that is inspired by a casket and translates into the perfect encounter between practicality, elegance and design: the Faz Daybed is one of the garden accessories that will win you over with its adjustable closure and integrated light, made by Ramon Esteve Studios.


Funston for outdoors n.01

Funston for outdoors n.02

Versatile and very useful for lovers of evenings to spend outdoors, the Funstone has the dual function of an icebox with bottle opener and fire container: here is everything you need for a perfect barbecue with friends.

Three-in-one grid

Beautiful three-in-one grid # 01

Beautiful three-in-one grid # 02

Beautiful three-in-one grill # 03

Let’s stay on the subject of grilling to present you a truly unique creation that combines three functions within it: table, grill and fire pit. Created by the Jag Grill, the structure can accommodate up to eight people and, each from his own seat, can choose to cook his own meat and vegetables.

Garden igloo

Rattan garden igloo n.01

Rattan garden igloo n.02

Let’s go back to show you some splendid garden furniture, also made in rattan, which have a suggestive igloo shape and therefore also offer a certain shelter from the sun so as to allow you to enjoy the outdoor spaces in absolute tranquility.

Modern outdoor lamps

Modern garden lamps for outdoor

In our collection of modern garden accessories, particular lamps with a unique design could certainly not be missing: here is a splendid model made by Vibia (also discover the incredible wall lamps of the same company) that is made through a truly elegant arched structure and suggestive.

Modern garden bed for dogs

Garden bed for dogs with a modern design

We are sure that animal lovers will fall in love with this very special cot at first glance: here is a sort of bunk with a crescent structure to cast shadow made especially for four-legged friends.

Maxi inflatable twister

Maxi inflatable garden twister

Are you a twister lover and don’t miss the chance to challenge your friends? Here is a giant and inflatable version of this famous game that will surely enliven your days, supports up to 680 kg for up to 10 players.


Nestrest garden n.1

Garden Nestrest n.2

Garden Nestrest n.3

It is the perfect place for those looking for peace and relaxation, remembering the shape of a nest and therefore a refuge: here is the splendid Nestrest, created by Dedon, which can be positioned in the garden, on the terrace and even suspended over a river. or a lake.

Umbrella with led

Parasol with integrated led lights n.1

Parasol with integrated led lights n.2

Parasol with integrated led lights n.3

Have you always wanted a parasol with integrated light so as to have a soft and warm light available by the pool? These very practical umbrellas with LED lights are then just what you are looking for.

Interactive chair

Spectacular interactive outdoor chair n.01

Spectacular interactive outdoor chair n.02

Spectacular interactive outdoor chair n.03

What you have just admired is a truly unique outdoor chair, a very particular model of interactive inspiration that allows you to enjoy the 360 ​​° panorama without sacrificing comfort and modern design. The chair is made by Etazin in circular or rectangular shapes.

Hanging garden chair

Hanging rattan garden chair

Halfway between a swing and a hammock, here is the hanging garden chair made of rattan and practically unique in its kind. The particular shape guarantees a comfortable and welcoming seat and naturally allows you to enjoy the cool summer breeze.

Illuminated pool table

Outdoor pool table with led lights

If you love billiards and want to have fun in the company of your friends in the garden during the summer evenings, this is definitely the table for you: a perfect billiard “court” with integrated LED lighting.

Garden table-lamp

Garden table with built-in lamp

A perfect piece of furniture for your garden that marries modern and elegant design with a decidedly more practical function: this splendid table is in fact at the same time also a lamp that allows you to create magical atmospheres.

Multi-purpose garden table

Garden table with multipurpose compartments

In closing, here is an extraordinary garden table: at first glance it might seem a traditional wooden table but, thanks to an ingenious internal architecture, it hides several very useful compartments for food, drinks and accessories.


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