Spectacular Mirrors for the Bedroom

Made of fused glass, with an integrated lighting system or inspired by both abstract concepts and commonly used objects, the designer mirrors they are transformed into a central element of the sleeping area, becoming indispensable accessories to be placed in the foreground. If you are looking for bedroom mirrors that embody these characteristics, the vast selection of models that we are about to present will surely win you over at first glance.

Signed by well-known international design houses, i 40 models bedroom mirrors that you will be able to admire are easily combined with different styles of furniture and are offered in different variations. You will have the opportunity to discover floor, wall and multifunction mirrors perfect for any type of need, both practical and aesthetic.


Mirrors for modern bedrooms

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 01Cantons

Technology meets design to offer the maximum in terms of comfort and aesthetics … so let’s start by showing you some fantastic mirrors with integrated lighting system perfect for the bedroom and, in particular, for the make-up vanity revisited in a decidedly modern version.

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 02CantonsDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 03ReflexesDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 04ReflexesDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 05ReflexesDesigner Bedroom Mirror Template # 06ReflexesDesigner Bedroom Mirror Template # 07Reflexes

Shapes as simple as they are particular and elegant are perfect to embellish the sleeping area and, if you are looking for solutions that frame and reflect the entire figure, the floor mirrors will certainly be for you.

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 08ReflexesDesigner Bedroom Mirror Template # 09ZeitraumDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 10ZeitraumDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 11Fiam

Materials that bend to the wishes of designers for results with a great aesthetic impact… here are mirrors made of molten glass which, in combination with metal and silver, capture the attention of the eye and furnish with an original touch.

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 12FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 13FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 14FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 15FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 16Fiam

Creative solutions inspired by everyday objects transform the mirrors you are admiring into iconic elements: here are the classic profiles of a hand mirror capable of occupying an entire wall or, again, a reflective surface that seems to be stretched by ephemerals. hooks.

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 17FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 18FiamDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 19MinottiDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 20Minotti

Choosing the perfect mirror for the bedroom will also mean taking into account purely practical factors and, for this reason, we have also chosen to show you solutions that combine chest of drawers and coat hangers so as to create a suggestive yet practical three in one.

Design Bedroom Mirror Template # 21MinottiDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 22MinottiDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 23CappelliniDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 24Cappellini

Regardless of the style of furniture you have chosen for your bedroom, a design mirror will give that touch of elegant refinement indispensable in this particular environment.

Design Bedroom Mirror Model # 25CappelliniDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 26GervasoniDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 27GervasoniDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 28OzzioDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 29OzzioDesign Bedroom Mirror Template # 30Ozzio

Bedroom dresser mirrors

If your idea, on the other hand, is to insert the mirror above the dresser, you will have to opt for wall or countertop models that are perfectly placed in correspondence with this piece of furniture. You can choose round, square, rectangular or irregularly shaped solutions depending on the look you want to give to this environment. Here are some models of truly versatile and special dresser mirrors …

Bedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 10Unica by TecnotelaiMirror model for bedroom dresser n.01ReflexesBedroom Dresser Mirror Model No. 02EdraMirror model for bedroom dresser n.03AcerbisBedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 04GanskMirror model for bedroom dresser n.05Paolo CastelliBedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 06Wiener GTV DesignBedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 07GHIDINI 1961Bedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 08Former in ItalyBedroom Dresser Mirror Model # 09Praddy


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