5 Ideas for making the most of space in the baby’s room

The arrival of a new member to the family is always a reason for joy. It doesn’t matter if we have a big, spacious house or a mini apartment. Is this your case? Don’t despair! Here are some very practical suggestions for to make the most of the space in the nursery.

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The fact that the baby’s room is small is no reason not to make it really special and, moreover, comfortable and functional. With the ideas we bring you today you will be able to to make the most of the available square footage. Make a note of it.

Small furniture for the baby’s room

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When space is scarce, it is time to put imagination into the matter to try to find formulas that will help us to have the necessary furniture without taking up too much space. The first thing we have to do is think what elements we need and which ones we can do without. Most of the time, we don’t need as many things as we thought at first. There are, however, elements that we cannot do without.

The crib, for example, is a key piece of furniture that we’ll be using for quite some time. However, we don’t have to choose a standard size if the room is too small. We can opt for a mini cradle that will serve the baby for several months.

Another option is to choose furniture that evolves at the pace that the child does. For example, you can buy a cradle that will later be transformed into a cot for your child. They are a good option to save, and not only money, but also space.

The changer, your measure

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Having an element to change the baby’s diaper is absolutely essential. Maybe, out of ignorance, you’re tempted to do without him, thinking you can change him on the bed. Not outright! If you don’t want your kidneys to end up as phosphatine, get a changer yes or yes. You won’t have to change the baby once, twice, or ten times. You’ll have to change her diaper an almost infinite number of times (or it will seem like it to you), so you need to be able to do it standing up and not slouching.

However, if the baby’s room is small, you don’t need to buy a full-blown changing table, which then becomes a chest of drawers. You can get one of those supports that are placed on the cradle when used and removed later. Or with a folding changing table, of those that are collected and stored in a moment. Both are valid options for small spaces.

Take advantage of every square inch

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Any hole in the baby’s room can become a storage space. If there are no meters available to put a closet, if you don’t have enough drawers, maybe you can use the space under the crib. Or a little corner behind the door.

Use boxes, baskets and any other elements at your fingertips to keep the baby’s things tidy and well organized.

Betting on wall storage

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In small houses it is necessary to explore as much as possible all storage solutions, including the possibilities offered by the walls. From install flying shelves to put hangers and hangers in strategic places, partitions and walls offer us the solutions we need in each case.

Shelves, for example, are a perfect solution for the baby’s room that do not take up space, but quite the opposite. They will serve you first to put the things your child needs in their daily care, either in boxes or baskets. Diapers, accessories, toiletries, etc. Then, as it grows, the shelves become perfect accessories for books, toys, etc.

The coat racks and hangers are also a great alternative. They can hang up the clothes they use the most, thus decongesting the wardrobe if it is small and needs them. You can let your imagination run wild and find inspiration to make a DIY coat rack for your child yourself.

There are also other, simpler and more functional solutions, such as putting some simple hooks behind the door. They will help you to have the things you need at hand without taking away any space.

A very decorative panel

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The pegboards or perforated panels are perfect in any space, including the nursery. These elements that used to be used traditionally to place tools, today have a place in the whole house and are also very decorative.

Source: Pinterest

In the case of the baby’s room, you can install a perforated panel on which put up small shelves, a diaper basket, some hooks, etc. Look at the photos: they can be an inspiration to you.

As you’ve seen, having a small baby’s room doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it in a very special way, or that it has to be uncomfortable and impractical. Put these ideas into practice and your baby will have a truly spectacular room.

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