5 fun and practical ideas for redecorating your child’s room

Now that there is less left for September and the return to school, we propose some very suggestive ideas for redecorate your children’s room in a simple and creative way, and without having to invest a lot of money. With a few decorative touches and a couple of simple do-it-yourself projects your children’s room will look like another one. Keep reading and you’ll see!

redecorate your children's roomWhether we like it or not, September is just around the corner. Even though this very important month brings with it the end of the summer holidays, I always like to get back to the routine. At this point I’m already looking forward to it and I’m just thinking about new projects, how to apply new ideas at all levels. I also come up with improvements for the house, like the ideas I’m telling you today to redecorate your children’s room. They are easy, very eye-catching and you don’t need a big budget to carry them out.

Some of the suggestions I bring you today are purely decorative. They consist of changing certain elements that are important for to give space another air. And other ideas are more functional and to develop them you’ll have to let the DIYer in you out – you’re sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

Redecorate your children’s room with a creative corner

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redecorate your children's roomWhether it’s for study, homework or entertainment, children need to have in their room a work corner. Your child may still be young enough to do homework, but I’m sure she’ll love it. have a desk where you can unleash your creativity and draw one picture after another. You won’t know where to put them!

From the hand of Leroy Merlin we get a great idea: that of to build a drawing desk out of wood, with the right seat. All you need is wood, a few simple tools and a little imagination. Start by planning everything, make sketches and schematics, and then get to work.

redecorate your children's roomIf you have your desk in a corner of the room you can create a work corner great. You can paint an area of the wall with slate paint, and create a wooden support for the continuous paper. Imagination to power!

redecorate your children's room

Everything in order

redecorate your children's roomYou know order and organization cannot be lacking in children’s spaces. So when you decide to redecorate your children’s room, you have to make it easy for them and create storage spaces that are functional and practical.

They can be shelves or shelves, modules with drawers or boxes to store everything. The important thing is that you think about the children when you install them. This way even the youngest children can pick up their things without help. It’s the only way to teach them to be ordained and get them to do it alone.

Details that matter

In addition to the practical solutions with which you can redecorate your children’s room, a special and very effective idea is to change some decorative elements. Like curtains. What do you say you replace them with a bright and practical blind? And to add the special touch you can add some nice falls in printed fabric, as shown in the photo.

You can also to renew the ceiling lamp, decoration of walls, etc. Choose one of his most creative drawings and frame them. Or print out some of your favorite pictures in good size and do the following pictures to hang on the walls. And whoever says pictures, says collages, murals… Don’t let anything stop you! In addition, you will enjoy small (and big) moments to share with your children. Choose together the photos, the colors, the location…

Adds comfort to your spaces

When children are very young, they don’t usually like to be alone in their room for long periods of time. They prefer to play in the living room, in the kitchen or in any room where their parents are. But as they grow older, they begin to enjoy more and more of their own spaces.

That’s why when it comes to redecorating your children’s room, it’s a good idea to introduce elements that make it more comfortable. Dress his bed with comfortable and pleasant clothes, and try to that there’s no shortage of cushions and pillows. It’s also a good idea to put a rug on the floor. It doesn’t have to be too big, a small one will be enough to add a touch of comfort and warmth.

Your clothes, handmade and always perfect

To finish, I leave you with an idea that Leroy Merlin brings us and that I thought was fun and original. It’s about to build a small clothing display with wood, as an auxiliary dressing room. I’m sure your kids will love it!

In addition to to have your most habitual garments at hand, they’ll get used to being ordered. To build it you will have to make it with the necessary materials and tools (wooden boards, nails and screws, glue, paint, etc.). If you need it, go to your Leroy Merlin centre and ask its professionals for advice.

You see that with these ideas redecorating your children’s room is, never better said, child’s play.

Photos: Leroy Merlin.

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