Small Modern Bathrooms 2021 2020 80 Photos and Decoration Ideas

Whenever you have small spaces, you can make the most of it. The bathroom is no exception. It is very common that in new constructions space is saved in all rooms of the house, especially in the bathroom. For this reason, we will show you some tips so that you can do the small bathrooms, a pleasant, comfortable place, taking advantage of every centimeter of surface and also, that you can create the optical illusion of greater amplitude, and all this, following certain criteria to make it look modern and contemporary.

Small Bathrooms

One of the main things to define is the choice of the elements that will give life to the walls, furniture or accessories, as well as the colors that you will use in the decoration.

Furniture for small bathrooms

Minimalist cabinets

A fundamental point in the task of visually enlarging a bathroom is the minimum incorporation of furniture, in order to allow good circulation and a wider view of the floor, walls and space in general.

Minimalist bathroom with white walls and beige floor, with large mirror

In addition, to achieve a contemporary look, it is advisable to use minimalist furniture, that is, with simple lines and designs. This will also help create a larger space, as detailed furniture and accessories tend to create a close-up effect.

If you have flashy tiles, colorful wallpaper or quirky light fixtures, while they play a key role in bathroom décor, it’s important to keep things in balance, and this can be achieved with a minimalist closet. Decorate it with simple handles to make sure the space doesn’t feel too stuffy.

Dark color cabinets

Dark cabinets came into kitchens last year, and now the trend is entering bathrooms. Navy blue and pure black are going to be very used tones this year. These bold shades look stunning with gold accessories or white countertops.

Open shelves

You can, without abusing the space, make shelves (if possible open so as not to lose depth) for storage of whatever. This will help the bathroom not lose functionality.

Take advantage of every inch of the wall. You can place shelves that you really need, not just for decoration.

open shelves that reveal depth

Creative storage

There never seems to be enough storage space in the bathroom, so it’s good to get creative.

Chairs and tables

You can give your bathroom a personal touch by adding a stool and mini table to make it feel luxurious and give your makeup routine its own special space.

Walls and floors in Small Bathrooms

The 2021 promises to bring a lot of personality with the texture, the color and the accessories. Colorful wallpaper, stylish furniture and graphic tile patterns will turn your bathroom into a mini sanctuary. Whether you’re planning a makeover or just want some decorating inspiration, here are some stylish trends.

Back wall and floor

Using a backsplash and floor covering different from other walls can create the optical illusion of depth and more space.

rear wall and floor different from other walls

Mediterranean tiles

Mediterranean-style tiles are on the rise. Encaustic cement tiles are making a big comeback, and if you’re a fan of intricate Moroccan designs or modern geometric shapes, this is a great time to use them.

Subway tiles

This type of elongated tiles is very fashionable today.

Fish scale tiles

This type of tile is gaining strength within the trends.

Merge tiles

The combination of several types of tiles promises to be a beautiful and simple way to achieve a totally personalized bathroom. Try to use a monochrome palette for a nice visual impact and play with subway, hexagonal and square tiles.

Art on the wall

The fish and aquarium theme is often used on the bathroom wall, but this year there is going to be a resurgence of unexpected artwork.

Accessories for Small Bathrooms


The sink should not be huge, as small and classic as possible. Despite the fact that it often has a storage space, we recommend those that do not have one, for a small bathroom.

If it is not a very tiny bathroom, a cabinet under the sink is an excellent option to keep everything neat and in place. Remember that it is advisable that the bathroom looks as clean and clear as possible so as not to create a feeling of overwhelm.

Wall on which a washbasin with wooden cabinet, toilet and large mirror is installed.  Tiles in different shades of brown and gray

Wall mounted faucets

Small bathrooms can use a clever space-saving trick, simply by mounting the faucets directly to the wall. This trend looks especially stylish on brass and black finishes, against white tiles or colored walls.

Longitudinal mirror

Mirrors are one of the most used tricks in decoration to expand spaces optically. When the bathroom is small, a longitudinal mirror can double the feeling of space.

longitudinal mirror

Mirror that occupies the entire wall

Mirrors should be as large as possible, as they give a greater sense of depth and dimension just like clear or mirrored tiles do. Being a surface that reflects, that surface is not delimiting, but rather acquires depth.

Bathroom with white walls and floor, with mirror that covers the entire wall

Placing the marble top at an angle to the mirror, completely hiding the wall, helps create the feeling of space to support things.

counter top mirror

Round Mirrors

Mirrors are a must, and this year the trend is round and as big as it can fit on the wall. You can go for a rustic or glam style depending on whether you prefer to frame them or leave them natural. Either way, they manage to make the space feel much more glamorous than their boxy counterparts.

Spa accessories

Why not make your bathroom your own private retreat? Personality is key in bathroom design, and adding elements like plants will help to achieve this.


The bathrooms are being treated like any other room, so you can use a carpet that is normally found in the living room or bedroom.

Colors for Small Bathrooms

Bright colors

Colors play a key role if you want to create the feeling of spaciousness. Light colors are one of the best allies that we can find, since they have the gift of moving the walls away from the receiver. If you combine them with vibrant colors you will achieve a revitalizing, energizing and very pleasant space, as we see in the photo below. However, it should be noted that modern bathrooms are characterized mainly by using a neutral color palette: white, gray, beige and natural wood.

Neutral colors

The pastel color, earth color or neutral colors in light tones help to generate the feeling of more space. The same with the floor, we personally recommend a light color, with a bath mat in a soft and light color as well. You can add pops of color to accessories, such as a toilet seat, a row of colored tiles, etc.

Bathroom with large mirrors, gray walls and floors and natural wood furniture.

Stylish white ceramic washbasin with dark brown cabinet underneath.  White walls and dark gray shower.

Dark walls

This is another trend: using a very dark color on one of the bathroom walls. It can be contrasted with natural textures, like a jute rug and a wood-framed mirror, and you have a space that will never go out of style.

Small bathrooms are expanded with large mirrors and white walls, and see-through shower screens

Brass, silver and gold

These colors will continue to play a prominent role in bathrooms, but in darker tones. They look spectacular with pastel walls, modern cabinets, and vintage accents.

Small Bathroom Lighting

To successfully complete this type of decoration, a good luminaire must be incorporated. It should not be dim light, but very bright, adequately reflecting light walls and pops of vibrant color. Remember that dark walls and objects tend to create the effect of approach, and what is sought is to move away the walls and all the elements that are part of the decoration.

Bathroom with white walls and ceiling, shower wall in dark brown to create depth

Natural light is always the best, otherwise apply lights that illuminate a large part of the bathroom, pointing specific lamps at different points of interest, such as the mirror in front of the sink.

Why is the bathroom always the last room to receive attention? A nice and elegant accessory in the decoration will add important personality to the space.

With a shower

A small shower can make room for the toilet. This will help make the most of the space. They can be showers with all-glass doors, which will help create a feeling of more space.

Curtains can also be used.

Or small dividing walls.

With shower trays

The use of space when it is small is essential. You don’t have to rush and you have to design the location of each element well; After installed, wanting to change it is very complicated, tedious and expensive.

With bathtub

The idea that those who have a small bathroom cannot have a nice, cozy bathroom or a good bathtub is not correct. The techniques for the good management of space in the decoration of bathrooms exist and we must take advantage of them. Look below where we leave you some images that show that it is possible.

If your dream is to have a bathtub, don’t forbid it, there are many different sizes; If this leaves the bathroom extremely small, add a floor-to-ceiling mirror that creates the feeling of extra space, to counter subtract.

If you have the possibility to invest a good sum in building the bathroom of your dreams, invest it, time will show you how rewarding it is.

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