Façades of simple one-storey houses

Again we are here with another topic, this time it is the turn of our house in general, with different ideas that I found of facades of simple one-storey housesMany of us families are interested in having a beautiful facade, regardless of the size of our home and style, so I took on the task of finding different ideas so that everyone will find one that catches their attention and realize all the details we can add to a facade to make it look super cute.

I hope you like very much all the options I found.

Many times we relate the simple thing with the without joke, the opposite to original, novel or modern for that reason I want to show you the examples that I found so that you see that there is more of that, you can have a really beautiful house but with details that make it look simple, for example the range of color that you use to paint it, the elements that conform it, etc. Take note of the ideas that most call your attention so that you try them in your home, I know that more than one will fascinate you.

Gallery of façades of simple one-storey houses

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Modern one-storey simple house facades

The “no” facade, is a very simple concept but also very modern that we can resort to for the design of the facade of our house, is completely covered, the details are blacksmithing, combined with concrete, the plants play the important role there and metal details in the number of the house. What do you think of this idea?

A simple facade with great details, the first detail that we distinguish from the rest is the stone cladding of a base that room even higher than the roof of the house, also the design of the windows a perfect combo, small but beautiful.

Tile roof facades

demonstrate that they can give an incredible touch to any home, here they are the protagonists, combined with neutral colors and garden design, your facade will be the best.

Infonavit’s house façade

Almost all the design is provided by the garden, which delimits the space with those shrubs. Also the contrast of color that is used from one piece to another, as they are the gray with the coffee. Do you like the idea?

Facahda of houses of a minimalist flat

where the brown detail stands out, which is made of concrete, the whole facade is white and the design of the garden is also a plus, don’t forget it when you choose a facade.

Combine textures, as here the texture appears in the touch that protrudes from the house.

The color combinations are important, one of those that over comes out this 2017 is the combination of white with gray.

Facades with wooden floors

brick wall and warm lights, ideal for a warm home and to share with the family.

Façades of simple one-storey houses

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