Rosemary cultivation


The Rosemary it is grown in gardens for ornamental purposes and in the vegetable garden for its numerous uses in the kitchen. It is an aromatic plant that is easy to grow even in pots.

Cultivation of Rosemary


It loves sunny positions sheltered from the winds and is easy to grow even in pots.


It is satisfied with any type of soil, even poor as long as it is dry and well drained.


It is satisfied with rainwater; scarce watering in periods of prolonged drought and very hot but only when the soil is completely dry.


In spring with slow release granular fertilizers.

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Rosemary flowers


Rosemary blooms in spring

Rosemary, Flowers

Multiplication of rosemary

Rosemary reproduces by seeds but even better, in spring, by cutting of the new shoots.

Rosemary plant

Rosemary is planted in the period from March to April by digging holes twice the size of the pot.

Rosemary, Plants

Pruning of Rosemary

Renewal pruning should be performed at the end of winter to encourage the emission of new shoots and from time to time, in summer, topping the lateral and apical twigs to favor basal incespimento.

Rosemary, Flowers

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Repotting the rosemary

Rosemary plants grown in pots every 2-3 years or when the roots come out of the water drainage holes should be transferred to larger containers with all the earthen bread.

Pests and diseases of Rosemary

It suffers from root rot if the soil is not well drained; fears the attack of aphids or plant lice and the white sickness.


Rosemary Cures and Treatments

Rosemary needs little care and pesticide treatments, preferably organic, should be carried out only in case of need. From time to time it should be trimmed to favor its shrubby appearance.

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