How to choose the scarifier

If you don’t know how to choose an aerator, here is some useful information about it. We present various types that can be found on the market and give you suggestions for choosing the best model. There is also no shortage of advice on the importance of aerating the lawn.


L’scarifier it is an indispensable tool for anyone who has a garden. In fact, it is used to remove the felt and allow the soil to always be in good health.

On the market there are so many models. Because of this, we seek first of all to discover what are the various types and when they are convenient.

Then, we will focus on some features to look at before choosing a scarifier, so as to guide you in the purchase.


Types of aerators


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L’scarifier not is one instrument that they all use. Typically, it does they buy Alone those who want make sure their lawn both perfectly in order.

On the market there are various types. There choice essentially it depends on the use made of it and on the size of the lawn to air. Let’s see everything in detail.

Motor scarifier


L’Internal combustion engine scarifier is recommended above all for the meadows from large size. THE the best are those with the interchangeable rotor with blades or springs.

Electric scarifier


L’electric scarifier obviously works in current. This means that It can be used Alone by those who have not a garden Very great and above all it has power outlets nearby. In this case it is also essential make sure the cable is enough long and let you reach every point.

One of the strengths ofelectric scarifier is that it is a rather green solution, therefore recommended to all those who care not to pollute too much.

In this case it is essential consider the power. For smaller lawns okay too 600 Watts, but we always recommend betting on a mid-range model which has a power up to 1200 watts. If you want a professional model, instead, it can go up to 2000 watts.

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Manual scarifier


L’manual scarifier is a solution ideal for those with a slightly larger lawn. In fact is free to reach any single corner without having to take into account wires or sockets.

As a disadvantage, of course, there is the fact that you have to apply a certain force to push it and ventilate the lawn properly. However, these are models designed to be how much more ergonomic and light possible. They look similar to rakes and have to be used a little in the same way.

Tractor-towed scarifier


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An alternative comfortable for those who do not want to drag thescarifier back and forth all over the lawn is to use a model that can be towed by the tractor.

Obviously in this case you will need to already have a tractor available. This solution is recommended for those who have a lawn Very great where walking would be tiring.

Scarifier with movable blades


Finally, we also want to offer you a model of scarifier professional, especially recommended for real experts. We are talking about that with movable blades.

As easily understood, it features smart blades that are able to move Sunglasses whenever they meet a obstacle in the ground.

They avoid it and then return to the starting position. This model is recommended for those who have a lawn Very irregular where it is easy to find for example protruding roots.

How to choose the aerator


To choose a good scarifier there are some basic things from to consider: width of the cut, capacity of the collection basket and handle. Let’s see the characteristics they must have.

Cutting width


There cutting width indicates the surface that the aerator is able to cover. Generally pcan vary from 30 to 45 cm. The wider it is, the easier and faster it will be to aerate the entire lawn.

However, to choose there right width, you have to to consider also there conformation of your garden. If there are obstacles or in any case if it is small, it will be better to opt for a minimum cutting width.

Capacity of the collection basket


When ventilating the lawn, all the residues will have to even though end up somewhere. Hence the usefulness of the collection basket. His capacity ranges from 30 to 55 liters.

A larger basket there allows you to to be able ventilate even the largest meadows without having to stop constantly for empty it.


How to choose the scarifier

Choose the handle right is essential to work safely and without getting too tired. This it must be ergonomic e possibly adjustable, so as to be able to adapt to the height of those who have to use the aerator.

What is the purpose of aerating the lawn


On the lawn they accumulate all the time leaves, debris various and others plant residues. In the long run they go to form a real barrier, more precisely called felt, which prevents the soil from breathing and creates it not a few problems.

For example, one of these is that it becomes not very fertile, so we will see flowers and plants die immediately. To avoid all this, it is essential to ventilate at least the lawn twice a year. The ideal periods are March and September.

How to choose the scarifier: images and photos

If you are looking for a scarifier for your lawn, the images in the gallery below can help you discover the various models. Don’t hesitate to take a look.


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