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How to choose the right lawn for our needs

A beautiful garden is not only made up of flowers, trees and plants, but also of grass. Below, we will explain how to choose the right lawn for your needs.

How to choose the right lawn for our needs 1

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Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, the right lawn can make a difference. The turf of a garden is commonly referred to as grass. In reality, there are different types of grass to make the lawn of your dreams come true. To get it, therefore, you will have to sow the right type of seed.

When designing the garden, you will have to choose an area to be used for the lawn. It will be your main purpose to define the type of seed to use: a lawn that requires low maintenance, or very green or, again, resistant to drought. For example, if your lawn will be only ornamental, you can also opt for a very delicate type of grass. If your lawn will be used above all to entertain your children, the type of grass will necessarily be different.

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So, before proceeding with the construction of your lawn, you will need to know the types of grass and lawns that can be used, considering the characteristics of the species. Obviously, you will have to take into consideration too other parameters i.e .: the climate and the terrain.

After sowing and seeing the grass be born and grow, it will be kept. You will need to understand when to mow, water and maintain your lawn at its best. But let’s go in order.

How to choose the right lawn for our needs 2

How to choose the right lawn for our needs: criteria to follow

How could you read above, there are criteria to be able to choose a priori the perfect type of lawn for your garden.

The first concerns the use that will be made of the lawn. Does it have to be a flower meadow or a sporty one? Will you need it for leisure time or for an ornamental purpose? Do you want it classic or rustic? A lived-in lawn must include grass that can also withstand the stress caused, for example, by foot traffic.

Secondly, you will need to consider the exposure of your garden, and the climate to which it is subject. For example, if your garden is in the shade, you will need to use a special shade herb. If, on the other hand, your garden is very exposed to the sun, you will find the perfect grass for drought. If you live in a very cold place, you will need to sow very hardy grass.

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The third criterion that you will necessarily have to consider it is the maintenance you want and can give to your lawn. Some types, in fact, require more mowing than others. Others, on the other hand, require frequent irrigation and still others need to be fertilized more than others.

How to choose the right lawn for our needs 3

How to choose the right lawn for our needs: types of seeds

The seeds for your lawn are generally divided into microtherms and macroterms. Let’s explore both of them.

Microtherms actively grow in both spring and autumn and, for this reason, they can create a uniform and compact lawn even in cold or humid climates. Among the microtherms, the agrostis, the fescue rubra and the fescue aundinacea stand out.

Macrotherms are perfectly suited to warm or mild climates and only grow well at temperatures between 25 and 35 ° C. They are resistant to parasites but less to insects. Among the macrotherms stand out: the weed, the Zoysia japonica and the Paspalum.

How to choose the right lawn for our needs 4

How to choose the right lawn for our needs: types of lawn

Rustic lawn

Coarse and from an aesthetic point of view, not very neat. You can opt for this type of lawn if yours is a country house and, in general, if you want to keep your outdoor space looking natural. It resists well and is also capable of reinforcing slopes, embankments and points of land that could be at risk of landslide.

It is indicated if you need a resistant lawn that requires little care, perfect even if you have children. Indeed, resists both weeds and dry climates well. You can make it with seeds such as perennial laliun, fescue rubra, poa pratensis.

English garden

You can get the lawn with grass microtherms. Lawn goes well with humid climates, but not too hot. It is the ornamental lawn par excellence but, of course, is the one that requires the most care, both from the point of view of pruning and from the point of view of mowing. You can choose it if you have an outdoor space that is not too large unless you have a very functional irrigation system.

Characterized by an intense green, it is soft and must always be tidy thanks to regular cuts. It can be made with Festuca arundinacea and Poa pratensis.

Grass grass meadow

Perfect for warmer climates because it is more resistant than an English lawn. It stays green even in summer, growing vigorously and quickly. It also resists foot traffic well.

Sports lawn

Composed of a mix of special herbs, selected ad hoc, it resists well to prolonged foot traffic. Not only for sports fields but, sports lawns can also be used in the outdoor spaces of private homes.

How to choose the right lawn for our needs 5

How to choose the right lawn for our needs: photos and images

Have you already figured out how to choose the right lawn for your garden? We still leave you some ideas.


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