10 stylish urban balconies – Interior and exterior decoration

Those who live in big cities know very well what it means to be lucky enough to have a balcony (not all apartments have one). It doesn’t matter if it’s small balconies or large, no matter how many square meters we are talking about, those who have one will be among the lucky ones!

10 stylish urban balconies

A balcony can become a real oasis in the desert. That space, however small, where we can have a connection with the outside without leaving our house. If we had enough space and the weather conditions in our city allowed it, we could enjoy breakfast, lunch and even dinner there, making it something like a informal dining roomThe first day of the week, we’ll have the opportunity to alternate with our daily dining room and cut through the routine.

Ideally, we should have a table, even if it’s one of those typical small garden tables and a couple of matching chairs. Decorating a balcony It doesn’t have to be complicated, with some plants and a rug or carpet to provide warmth will suffice.


We love the balconies with wooden floorsThe fact that they provide a lot of home warmth and an interesting decorative bonus cannot be denied. The colourful brushstrokes can be given with carpets and cushions, and also with flowers.




Another option that we like very much is to use seats that are not exactly chairs as they might be benches or trunk furniture that serve as storage space and seat.



We love this small balcony with a table, an umbrella and some chairs, where plants abound, many of them in hanging baskets.


It must be said that we often see balcony decorations that truly amaze us. We loved this little corner with lots of wood, stones, plants, aromatic candles and the strawberry for dessert: a small source of water.

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